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Earthseed by Pamela Sargent
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Mar 12, 2012

it was amazing
Read from February 15 to 22, 2012

This book first came out way back in the 80s (1983 I think, but I'm not exactly sure of the date), and sure, at the time, I wasn't reading YA because I was more stuck in that infinite Nancy Drew/Trixie Beldon loop. So I never heard of it and totally missed it. But now it's been re-released (and optioned for film by Paramount), and I was thrilled to get a copy after hearing it pitched at ALA Midwinter.

EARTHSEED by Pamela Sargent (Tor Teen, February 28, 2012)

What did I love about EARTHSEED?

1) Okay, it was written quite a while back, but even with that, it felt fresh. The science and emotions and adventure totally fit into today's young adult market. I'm actually awed at how well the author managed to do that.

2) It's like space and THE HUNGER GAMES all blended into one. These kids are on board a spaceship, but then they need to make sure they can survive on their own. And so they go to this part of the ship where it's like the outdoors. And it's so cool because I got just an amazing sense for how huge this ship had to be for this to happen.

3) The range of emotions these teens go through is vast (even bigger than the ship). Because when it comes right down to it, these are teens even though they have to learn to live on their own. And as teens, they have these crazy thoughts and emotions and do the most impulsive things. Even if you put the science fiction part of this novel aside, these characters are real and worth caring about.

4) Did I mention the author has won both the Nebula and Locus award?

5) A final thing that really makes EARTHSEED stand out among other YA books out there is the diversity. This ship has seeded people from everywhere on Earth, because in starting a new Earth on other planets, all races need to be represented, and I love how simply this is accomplished. Diversity at its best!

In short, I loved this book! EARTHSEED has it all, and the author has crafted a beautiful story of teens discovering who they are while facing the challenges of living in the real world with no one to guide them but themselves.

Highly recommended for girls and boys, seventh grade and up, fans of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, THE HUNGER GAMES, and GLOW.

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Deva Fagan Yay! This was one of my absolute favorites as a kid! I'm actually re-reading it now myself in prep for the re-release.

P.J. I'm totally looking forward to it, Deva! And your rec makes me even more so!

Deva Fagan Yay! So glad you like this. And apparently it's Earthseed day: I have a guest post at the Intergalactic Academy talking about my love of this book, and re-reading it as an adult (http://www.intergalactic-academy.net/...). Tor is giving away three copies to to folks who comment, so if you know anyone else who might enjoy this, so if you know anyone else who might enjoy this, feel free to pass along the link!

P.J. What a coincidence! I finished it a while back and just posted the review today! I loved your guest post, and I'll pass along the link :)

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