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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling
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Feb 17, 12

Read from February 14 to 17, 2012

I've had very little interest in reading these books since I first heard of them. While I like "young adult" books, I always considered these children's books. Why would I read children's books? I could check out Socks again if I wanted to regress that badly. (Socks had absolutely riveting scenes.) Now that I'm 27 and my hair is graying and the college kids remind me everyday that I'm pre-Cambrian, I decided to finally give it a shot. After a swelling of insistence/support among people whose book opinions I trust. (My friends are always swelling at me.)

I liked this story. It wasn't a bland, formulaic story like RL Stine or other quick-read kid's books. There was even a nice little twist at the end! (And I admit I've seen the movie back when I was 16 and it first came out, so I wasn't ACTUALLY surprised by any of it. But I can still appreciate the way it was done!) I haven't married this series yet. Meaning if I hit a book I don't find enjoyable or if I get bored with the series, I'd feel pretty good about walking away from it. This book stars an 11 year old boy, so it wasn't highly relatable to me! But I still liked it. And I know Harry gets older and more relatable.

It's hard to say exactly what I liked and disliked about the book but nothing hit me over the head with LOVE or HATE. Nothing. Which is unusual. Because I'm not an emotionally moderate person. I felt compelled to keep reading and never hit anything that I found objectionable.

This is a story about a boy who has adventures and it's well done. Boys gets lots of these. If I were a little girl reading this, I would wish Harry could've been a girl, but I wished that about everyone. Harry is not hypergendered. At NO point is he concerned about how masculine he seems, nor are the kids he spends his time with. There are only two female people in the entire book (it's a MAJOR sausage fest) who have any substantial role and that's Professor McGonagall and Hermione. The Professor is highly regarded with just as much talent and authority as her MANY male counterparts. And she doesn't teach anything femme-y, like "Mystical Dancing Tips and Finishing Rinses". She's not weak, stupid, easily fooled, vain, materialistic, or subordinate. I appreciate this. They could've had more of her. Hermione is similar--she's not "girly". Neville, a boy in their house/year, cries much more often than Hermione and she is probably the most clearly competent and useful peer that Harry knows. Sure, Ron's fun and the Quidditch (mostly) guys are great, but Hermione is a motherfucking genius. Without her, Harry truly never would've come through the way he did. So far, I like Hermione. In fact, she was described as rather plain looking (wiry hair, big teeth), so I'm (sortofnotreally) surprised they chose such a conventionally pretty girl to portray her in the movie version, when they chose an appropriate looking guy to play Harry and all the boys. There's no indication that the only reason McGonagall or Hermione are there is to give the boys a chance at romance. (I hate that.) They are whole characters with their own autonomous importance. At this point, these female characters are very good and I'm pleased with the way HP does gender. My only complaint is the scarcity of female characters. But it's early in the series, and I'm sure there'll be more. (Or I hope!)

Here's to Chamber of Secrets! (At first I totally typed "Secrest", which was ridiculous.)

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Maribel Martinez I am so glad you liked the first book! I didn't read HP until the summer of 07 when the last book came out. Mostly because there was so much hype about the series ending, so it peaked my curiosity and I very reluctantly began reading it. I don't know how you managed to hold out for so long. I fell in love with the books. I can't remember every detail of every book now and as much as I love the movies, reading the books was just a different experience that I'm so glad I had. I really hope you like the other books. For me, each book is better than the last. I hate rating books long after I've read them because I can't recreate the feeling I had right after reading them, so I'm shooting in the dark trying to remember the overall impression I had of them. So I gave this one 4 stars because I remember really enjoying it, but I enjoyed some of the others just a tad more, so they got 5s. I'm sure you've heard a thousand things about HP and how everything/one matures, so I'll just shut up and let you enjoy your HP journey. I can't wait to see what you think, if you decide to read all of them!

Audrephilia I resisted because no person's description of these books sounded appealing to me! I don't read children's books, I can't relate to a tween boy, the wizard stuff seemed to be very cartoony and child-oriented.. So it was very easy to resist. Only after yeeeears of people recommending, I opened my mind to it. And then Kackie lent me the books and I was like, "Okay, I need to do this." I was pleasantly surprised! (But I still reserve the right to stop reading them if they get boring or ridiculous.) I'm really putting faith in that the books mature. I don't expect everyone to be sitting around the common rooms talking politics and arguing economics or using the word "eschew", but I do expect to be able to relate a little better.

While I like it so far, I'm completely bummed out about dedicating however long to reading an utterly sexless series. Which is why I will alternate readings with grownup books.

I did enjoy it, even though I knew what was going to happen (thanks to having seen the movie when I was 16.) I haven't seen ANY of the other movies, so the subsequent books will actually be surprising! So that will be positive.

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