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Forsaken by Jana Oliver
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Feb 14, 2012

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bookshelves: huh, plot-holes, strong-characters, thought-it-could-be-better, world, kickass-heroine
Read on February 29, 2012

The world that was created in Forbidden is a really interesting and vivid one. There were cool details about aspects like parking spaces and schools- and paperwork, lots and lots of paperwork. However, we never really find out what the hell happened to the world. There are also little hiccups that make it flawed, for example, if there are loads of scavengers taking metal and such, then why are there Starbucks tables untouched? And if everywhere has gone bust why is there a Mcdonalds? Actually scratch that last one, if the whole world was destroyed by a meteor/invaded by evil aliens/killed by zombies I’m pretty damn certain Mcdonalds would survive. It’s like a freakin’ law of nature. They’re everywhere! In all seriousness though, there were a few too many really small details that interfered with the cool world being created.

Beck is literally the definition of a thankless hero. Gah, he’s hilarious too! Nothing made me happier than Riley warming up to Beck. and then it all got ruined stupid stupid stupid

Simon. You know I really wanted to like you okay I didn't, but good boys like you come off as psychotic and slimy. Sorry! This line I’d fallen for him, there was no way I could deny that.”, okay, what? Since when? I must’ve been seriously dense throughout the whole book to miss the whole falling thing. At best there was mild attraction.

Random thing about the book that annoyed me: The author kept pointing out when our protagonist was lying. Always in a way that makes her sound so self-sacrificing. I really liked Riley as it is, she didn’t need to try and sell her to me by doing that. It got pretty annoying; I felt we were given enough information to discern when she’s being less than truthful. It doubly doesn’t work because it’s a third person book- they shouldn’t need to outright say ‘she lied’ or ‘she fibbed’, just little subtle she looked away or summit.

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