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Ascend by Amanda Hocking
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Feb 14, 2012

Ok, well, as I've read many other people saying, I read all three of the Trylle trilogy in one massive go, so I'm going to have to write my reveiws for all the books into one. As an author myself, I congratulate Ms. Hocking on the sheer originality. Vampires are so popular right now that I'm starting to get sick of the mere mentioning of one. Now, overall, the series was not bad, not bad at all. I found the storyline good, and liked how Wendy developed throughout the series. I liked the Vittra/Trylle feud, and found the fact that her father was the king very interesting. Ascend, I was happy to find, developed that a lot, as well as the romance. Now, about the romance. I have to say that I pretty much despised Loki. I was strongly Team Finn. I liked how he tried to protect her, how he stayed away, to his own pain, just to make sure she was a good queen. I think that the reason she dropped him, because he didn't fight for her, was a bit… I don't think there really is a word, but I don't think it was much of a reason in that society. So, instead, she goes for Loki, a cocky, sarcastic big-head. Even if she couldn't be with Finn, much to my disappointment, it wouldn't have hurt for her to learn to love Tove. Tove was a nice guy, responsible, and powerful. They could've ruled the kingdom like it never was before. I think that, at least, would have been a better ending than Loki. I despised him so much, in fact, I nearly danced when he was stabbed, which sounds cruel and sadistic, but it would've meant that Finn could have her with no competition. But I'm ranting. I should just leave it at the fact that, overall it was an intriguing read.
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