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Burn Mark by Laura Powell
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Apr 30, 2012

it was ok
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Genre: YA Paranormal, Witchcraft
Rating: 2.5

*Gizmo's First Thoughts*

Gloriana Starling Wilde is a 15 year old teenager who, as the book opens, is having nightmares about the burning times. *The burning times is in essence the same as our Salem Witch trials which happened in both the UK and the US, and are still happening today in small countries in Africa.*

She believes she is seeing things from her mothers prospective. She knows that her mother disappeared without a trace when she was 3 years old. She has been her Auntie Angeline Starling for the past 12 years. She knows that one day soon she will be a powerful witch and lead the coven if only she could finally come into her powers.

Lucas Stearne is also 15 years old but from a prominent family of Inquisitors. His father is the current prosecutor for the Inquisitor court. In this alternative era United Kingdom, witches are put to death by balefire for crimes such as first degree murder, treason, and terrorism. Lucas, as history has shown, is supposed to follow in his father's footsteps once he graduates from school. Lucas's own mother was killed several years before and her murder hasn't been solved.

On the same exact day, Glory and Lucas come into their Fae. For Lucas, it's a devastating surprise that will have massive implications on his family life. Fae is what the writer is calling witchcraft. Fae runs thicker than blood, quicker than water, and wild as wind. Both Glory and Lucas's mothers were witches, or so it appears. Both have been missing from their lives since separate and unusual circumstances took them away from the kids.

Glory is a little git who is both strong and brave. She takes crap from nobody, including her no account father who sits around his apartment all day playing video games. Glory is also a glory hound and everyone around her knows it. She's supposed to be married off to her cousin to make things more interesting in the coven, but she doesn't rightly care about anyone choices that people have made for her. When she first meets Lucas, she's hates the very core of him because he has been sent to infiltrate the covens and find out if they are a danger to the Kingdom. Later, they become partners in crime and maybe even respect the other just enough to get along in order to work together.

Lucas falls into the category of doing the right things under the wrong situations. Until he comes into his fae, he was set to become yet another member of the Stearne family who went after witches and prosecuted them fully under the UK law. Lucas ends up being brought into the Witchkind Intelligence & Covert Affairs (WICA) after his father tries to ensure that his craft isn't exposed before a very important trial is wrapped up. It is up to Lucas to get to the bottom of the threats against the court before the trial is thrown for a loop. Lucas really gets put through a bunch of tests in order to prove himself. He even puts himself in harms way just to dig deeper into a major conspiracy happening within the UK's elite.

I don't mind diving into new story's by new authors to me. I don't mind reading about witches instead of vampires, fae, and werewolves all the time. I didn't even mind that this was intended for a YA audience, and yet most of the central characters were adults who went about choosing who should be condemned and who should live.

Perhaps the one negative I have is the alternating POV's. It's fine that they were every other chapter. What wasn't fine was when they suddenly merged without a warning. You really had to pay attention to each chapter in order to see who was speaking, as it were.

Another negative for me is that the story seemingly dragged on, and that put me at odds at trying to finish it. I ended up putting it aside for other books more interesting until I finally said, enough is enough--finish the damn book or DNF it!

I will give credit to the world building. It was pretty interesting to read about an alternative history UK where witchcraft is treated like scum on the bottom of a pool.

Overall, I liked it enough, but it just didn't blow the wind up my skirt.

*ARC recvd 02/15/2012 via Expected publication: June 19th 2012 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens

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message 1: by Kenya (new)

Kenya Wright dang that sucks.... I hate reading multi-pov where I'm sure sure who is talking.

Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews So, here's my question to you Ms Kenya---I often wonder, does the publisher and editors have a final review of the manuscript before they release it to the general public? I've actually had a writer send me a final released copy of the ARC and the mistakes weren't there.

message 3: by Leah M (new)

Leah M I really enjoyed your review!!

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