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The Restorer by Amanda Stevens
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Oct 01, 2014

Read in February, 2012

The novella The Abandonded was free on Amazon so I grabbed it, and it grabbed me. I became obsessed and had to get this novel and finish it. I ate it up in two days and still feel a little desperate to read more. I love books like that.
Anyway, Amelia is a cemetary restorer and she sees ghosts. She follows a set of rules that her Papa has given her about not letting a ghost know you can see them, and not having any connection with people who are personally haunted. Sometimes ghosts latch on to people and feed from their warmth and vitality until it is gone. She breaks her rules in this book and helps a haunted police detective solve a murder mystery in the cemetary she has been hired to restore.
The murder mystery is good and the action heats up, but the best part for me were the trail of breadcrumbs we are given about the people in Amelia's life. The detective Devlin, her mother and father, her own abilities, Temple...these are fascinating people whom we don't know a lot about, but Stevens gives us just enough to tantalize so I want to read more. There are still a lot of little mysteries left unknown at the end of The Restorer and I am excited to read The Kingdom to find out what is revealed!
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