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The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
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Feb 14, 12

This is not my kind of book, and unfortunately my rate depends mostly on this reason, I think.

The plot is about... OMG, I don't even remember the name of the protagonist! [...googling...]
Victoria! Here we go.
So, there's this girl, with a horrible past behind, who cannot communicate with others, she's scared and aggressive and not able to love or be loved.
The story is pretty expectable in fact, and I don't particularly like romance or dramatic books, but there are a couple of details this novel is worth to read for.

Number one: the language of flowers, indeed. This is why I read this story.
I didn't know anything about that, and I was curious, so I got interested in this theme and bought the book everyone was talking about.
It's fascinating how the writer describes some of the most important meanings through the feelings of the protagonist, you can learn the rudiments of this language without efforts, naturally.

Number two: the psychology of the main character is sufficiently deep and studied, not something just thrown there and used to please the plot. It has a plausible evolution and some interesting cues.

I really appreciate also the appendix with the dictionary of the flowers!

Finally, if you're not the romance/dramatic type of novel person, you'll find this novel boring.
But if you're exactly that kind of person, you'll love it! ;)

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