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Rebel Heart by Moira Young
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Oct 08, 2012

it was ok
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I feel that this book really needs a warning, that this isn't really the sequel to Blood Red Road. I mean on the surface it is because it takes place right after the events of BRR but in terms of essence, characterization and definitely writing style Rebel Heart is no way a direct sequel to BRR.

Now the main problem is that I had just skimmed through Blood Red Road prior to reading Rebel Heart (just to refresh my memory) and I couldn't help feel how jarring the differences between the two books are. They are so stylistically different that I almost felt cheated in some ways because well when you're writing a trilogy, you kind of expect the books to be stylistically similar because there were certain things you liked about the first book that you're hoping to see in the 2nd.

Rebel Heart is the grown up version of Blood Red Road but not necessarily as fun. It is definitely more emotional as Saba sorts through her feelings of missing Jack. Than there's Lugh who is broken by the traumatic experience of getting captured by the Tonton and we're also dealing with the grief of some familiar characters from before. Oh and Tommo is no longer a kid but a teen boy with raging hormones. While the action is still there, it's taken a dramatic back seat to give way for emotional tension and development.

The sweet almost naive romance in Blood Red Road is absent and instead has turn into the typical raging hormone teen romance. Well I suppose it was only a matter of time but I do miss that sweet romance in book 1. Now the romance turns into a giant mess involving several people and calling it a love triangle is just simplifying things.

I think I would have liked Rebel Heart a lot more if it was a stand alone book and if RH happened a couple of years later. As a sequel to Blood Red Road, I don't like it as much because everything I liked about Blood Red Road was absent in Rebel Heart. I like how juvenile Blood Red Road is and how simple it was. I liked the fact that it was mostly action and it didn't bother me that there wasn't much in terms of an emotional connection.

Now the differences between the two books is almost like comparing Harry Potter book 1 and Harry Potter book 5. One may argue that the characters and the writer have matured but I think the difference is way too great in too short a time (considering the fact that it did take JK Rowling 4 books in between HP 1 and HP 5).

The plot twist also further drive the differences between the two books as the plot turns in Rebel Heart seem to come out from no where! Old characters are reintroduced but there's no hint of foreshadowing in Blood Red Road that alludes to their bigger role in Rebel heart. I really dislike it when writer's do this because it seems as if the writer had no idea what was going to happen in book 2 and didn't foreshadow these items in book 1. I prefer if my trilogy books plot lines and themes flow one from the other. This just seems jarring and out of place.

It's really hard for me to rate Rebel Heart objectively. As a stand alone book it's not bad actually, I would probably rate it around 3 stars I guess but as a sequel it's quite weak.

So for fans who were expecting all the fun of Blood Red Road may be in for a disappointment. I do applaud the writer's effort in trying to mature her book but I think it just happened a little too sudden and too fast.
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Lisa Couldn't agree more!

Surin There seems to be two camps for this book, the 'I can't take the differences' camp and the 'glad it's becoming more mature' camp. I do really miss the giant worms though! ;A;

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