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Stunning by Sara Shepard
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Jun 10, 2012

it was amazing
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This is undoubtedly the best book in the Pretty Little Liars series so far. So many questions have been raised with so many frightening twists that I just can't believe how much better this series has gotten! Sara Shepard, you are the definition of a genius.

When the book first opens up into the four girls' and what has happened in their lives so far, it can be a little bit confusing. But once A gets involved, everything switches back into place in a totally different, exciting new way.

I can't tell you how much fun it was to rejoin with my old friends Aria,Hanna, Spencer, & Emily. I don't consider them even characters anymore because of how attached to them I have become, it's as if I know them in real life. They are so much fun to read about as developing characters.

I still think Sara Shepard's writing isn't perfect, but it flows quite well. There isn't a ton of detail in this book, but sometimes she did a good job at portraying a scene that needed to be set up correctly by outlining the specific details of a room, characters, etc.

I found the plot absolutely brilliant. It had the perfect amount of secrets, twists, suspense, and scandal. It had me on the edge of my seat, flipping the pages frantically and reading the words as fast as a mechanical robot would.

As the book gradually approached it's ending, I found myself being more and more drawn into it. The atmosphere of the book began to transform into an overwhelming sensation of new beginnings and old endings. This was because secrets from the past were revealed through the present, allowing more revelations to be exposed but still hidden.

There are so many questions I have! Like how killed who, and why....HOW?!?

I swear, Each book just keeps getting better and better!

Elemental Breakdown:
Total score:48/50
Rating:5 Stars *****

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Ashlee Telschow Your review is perfect. Mine is about the same, I loved the books, but the way you worded this are my thoughts exactly! I flip the pages so damn fast because I cannot wait to see what happens. I am the definition of bummed that the LAST book is coming out this December. I plan on re-reading the series because I love it so much (aside from HP this is probably the best series I have ever read) but there is something special and exciting about reading a new PLL book for the FIRST time, and NOT knowing what to expect. Hate that it's coming to an end!! Did you read the "in between" book, "Pretty Little Secrets" ? It's set between books 4 & 5 but it came out this year, not in 2010 when the other books were coming out. So it sort of goes back in the series and fills in what the girls did on their Winter vacation, it was a BIG book and I loved it! (Of course if you read it also, I am sure you feel the same!)

Austin Hi Ashlee! Thanks for your comment! And of course I read Pretty Little Secrets! It was really good, too! I wouldn't say I loved it, but I really did enjoy it. I keep on thinking about how Emily released her friends from jail by knowing something about the police officer, that part was so funny! And I know! The last one comes out in December! :O I just can't believe it! It's like the death of someone that I'm so close to and I didn't spend enough time with them but now they're leaving! Well, anyways, what are your favorite book (or favorite books) of the series so far? Mine is Stunning, but my second favorite is the eighth, Wanted. That one blew me away!

Ashlee Telschow I loved how thick Pretty Little Secrets was! It was a nice stalling book while I waited for the next book. I really loved the end of the 7th book, when the girls saw Ali in the fire set at Spencers barn. I was actually on a cruise when I read that book and I did not have the next book with me so I was going crazy! I really love the end of the 8th, it was mind blowing. I also really liked Twisted. Ruthless, book 10 was good too but not my favorite. The earlier books bothered me because I was so antsy to figure things out but unfortunately I knew who "A" was from the beginning because someone gave me a spoiler. It would have been awesome to go into reading the series without knowing that and trying to figure it out on my own. Oh well! I still have one more "A" to figure out and I don't know what to expect, that's the best part!

Austin I didn't think Ruthless was the best either, but it definitely gave a chance for all the girls to reconnect with their A game. As for Heartless, that book was crazy! I really liked it because it brought up so many questions that were revealed in Wanted. I already knew who A was from the start, and I knew about Alison's twin, but it still surprised me I guess because of how shocking it was for everything to turn around and mix everything up. Alison was so evil though! She locked Melissa in the car, killed Ian, AND poor Jenna. In the show she has an evil side, but in the books she's so innocent! I really didn't want her to die! Oh yeah, and Alison killed Courtney! How could I forget?!

Ashlee Telschow Ugh, Jenna. Hate how different she is in the show compared to the books. But I have to admit she is interesting on the show. The whole Alison/Courtney thing just blows my mind every time I think about it and how confusing it is. Real Ali obviously is mentally unstable, she went and killed so many people because she was mad at her sister. Courtney switched the two, not the four girls, Jenna, or Ian!

Austin Wait, I know that Courtney switched her identity with Alison's, but what do you mean not
the four girls,Jenna, or Ian?

message 7: by Ashlee (last edited Jun 18, 2012 07:20AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ashlee Telschow What I was saying is that the real Ali is obviously mentally unstable. Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily, had no idea that their Ali was really Courtney, but that didn't stop the real Ali from trying to kill them with that fire in Poconos. She was taking her anger out on the wrong people. Courtney was the one who screwed up Ali's life...Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna were innocent and so was Ian and Jenna yet real Ali murdered them to get revenge for what her sister did. Misplaced anger! lol.

Austin Haha, I know right! Ali is so psycho! I definitely think she's still alive though...I mean, after having Emily left the door open and the ending of Wanted, it just seems so reasonable that Ali is still alive. She has to be.

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