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Jul 19, 2008

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2008

Don't Tell was a very touching, emotional book. It was one of the better romantic suspense books that I have read lately. It was the first Karen Rose book I have experienced, but I can tell that this will be another series that will be a must read for me.

Mary Grace Winters was pregnant and married at age fifteen to a violent, abusive man. She sustained numerous injuries at his hand, and after nearly losing her life when he pushes her down the stairs for the second time, she realizes that she will have to do something drastic to get herself and her son away from the violence. Mary Grace has already tried to go through legal channels to get help, but it is made difficult by the fact that her husband, Rob Winters, is a police officer. Mary Grace's injuries are so severe that it takes her two years to recover enough to take her son, Robbie, and escape. Mary Grace ditches her car in a lake, changes the names of herself and her son, and takes shelter at a women's home in Chicago. Seven years later, she is known as Caroline Stewart, and is a college secretary and soon to be college graduate. After the death of her boss and mentor, she meets the new head of her department, Max Hunter. Max Hunter has also survived great tragedy, and is constantly reminded of it by his physical limitations that require him to use a cane. Max and Caroline are drawn to one another immediately, and are very soon involved in a relationship that both hope will lead to a future together. Before they can find happiness together, they will have to overcome several obstacles. Max will have to come to terms with his present life and realize that he didn't lose everything in his accident, and Caroline will have to find a way to tell Max about her past and that she is still married. As they struggle with their fledgling relationship, Caroline's abusive husband finds her and threatens her existence.

This book was riveting, and I couldn't put it down. Both the hero and heroine were very likeable characters, although both had serious issues to overcome from their pasts. The villian was without conscience and committed some disturbing acts that gave the book a rougher edge than many of the romantic suspense novels I have read. There were several secondary characters that played an important role in the story, and I look forward to seeing some of them again as the series continues.
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message 1: by Auntee (last edited Jul 24, 2008 06:29PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Auntee Christa, you're going to love Karen Rose. She writes terrific romantic suspense--I love all of her stuff!:)

Kathrynn This is an excellent author. Wonderful romantic suspense.

This is the first of a set. The second that follows directly behind this one is "Nothing to Fear."

Christa Auntee, If the other books are nearly as good as this one was, I will love them. I thought that it was extremely well written. I'm waiting for the second one to get to me from booksfree, and I have the third one sitting here waiting. I am tempted to go ahead and read it first, but I want to get maximum enjoyment from them, so am trying to make myself wait and read them in order.

Kathrynn That's a wonderful idea, Christa. Her website claims her books are all "stand alones." But, her characters overlap. I've tried to indicate in my reviews who is in the books and what book they were in (mainly I did that for my memory)...but best if a person reads them in publishing order--for maximum enjoyment. ;-)

But, for sure Don't Tell (first) and Nothing to Fear (second) need to be read in order...

Hey, Auntie! How's "Into the Fire" going? Still good?

Christa Kathrynn, Her website gives Have You Seen Her as the 2nd (it's about Agent Thatcher from Don't Tell), I'm Watching as the 3rd, and Nothing to Fear as the 4th in the series. Does this sound like a good order to read them in or do you think I need to read Nothing to Fear second? I know that it is supposed to be about Dana from the first book.

Kathrynn Christa, she must have changed her website since the last time I was over there. Let me go look. I'd read them in the order she recommends....

Christa Ok, Thanks. The page I was looking at was called "Book Relationships."

Kathrynn I looked all around her website and I don't see where she has the series order.

Maybe it's on her blog. I didn't to there.

Kathrynn Thank you so much. I see it. I like the flow chart she has going.

To anyone else looking for a quick diagram of how the books are related. Check this out.

Thanks Christa. I would not have found it.


jenjn79 I read her books mostly in the order published and that seemed to work. Though the first one I read was like #3 or #4...I loved it so much I went back to the beginning and started from there.

That chart is really great!

message 11: by Tammy (new) - added it

Tammy Wow! Sounds like a must read! This reminds me of a couple of (real) cases that I have worked on - very similar to the plot of this book.

Love your reviews, Christa. = )

Christa Tammy, if you like suspense that is fairly intense, you will love this one.

jenjn79 Christa is right on the intensity thing. Rose writes very intense romantic suspense books...especially if you get up to "Die For Me" which is probably the MOST intense RS book I've ever read.

message 14: by Tammy (new) - added it

Tammy Intense is good. "Fairly intense" is even better. But I have to take breaks between suspense novels and read something light and humorous. I think I probably see too much drama of this nature in my professional life, so it is fun to be entertained after a hard day at work.

Isis, I have Die For Me in my TBR pile, but it sounds like I need to move it up on my reading list. I've heard so many good things about that one!

jenjn79 I love intense romantic suspense books. They just suck me in.

Tammy, Die For Me was soooo good. But it is super intense and really graphic. It's not for the feint of heart. I think I finished it in record time, just couldn't put it down.

message 16: by TamElaine (new)

TamElaine so you convinced me....just bought my first Karen Rose book....won't get to dig into it though until next week....

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