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Losing the Peace by William Leisner
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Feb 13, 2012

really liked it
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Losing the Peace by William Leisner is the follow-up book to David Mack's epic (and galaxy-changing) Destiny trilogy. Read that series before picking up this book.

Most of this book was very down and depressing. The refugee crisis is at the forefront of the novel, along with the associated political fighting. This is to be expected since numerous worlds were destroyed and billions were killed by the Borg. A quote from page 215 is a good example of the mood: "They were like lost souls in purgatory waiting to be delivered to paradise-or, perhaps more fittingly, caught in a state of limbo."

For a while it seemed like the book would just be a compilation of bad things happening in the Federation, but around page 250 things start to pick up. Picard finds a plan to partially mitigate the political fallout, while Crusher and her team stay committed to doing what little they can to make a bad situation brighter. By the end I was no longer regretting starting a dark and dreary novel. In some ways this book is similar to Kirsten Beyer's Full Circle, which deals with the effects of Destiny through the Voyager crew.

After this book I skipped A Singular Destiny and jumped into Typhon Pact Book 1: Zero Sum Game. You don't need to read Losing the Peace to understand or enjoy Zero Sum Game. But, this book will give you more of a sense of closure with the tragedies of Destiny. The Federation is not a coalition of blissful, peaceful planets anymore.

I did have a few minor nit-picks. First, on the cover page, Picard and Worf have their rank pips on the wrong side of their collars. Second, the "Historian's Note" lists a date of 2361, which should actually be 2381 (immediately after the Destiny trilogy, not 20 years before it).

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