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The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo
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Feb 19, 12

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Read from February 13 to 14, 2012

This book is about a china rabbit named Edward that belongs to Abilene. The china rabbit cannot move or talk out loud, he can only think. He gets really annoyed with humans. He thinks they are condescending. He hasn't learned to feel or love yet. There is something about Abilene grandmother that gives him cold chills. One day, Edward goes on a trip with Abilene and her parents, via by boat. There is other children on the boat they start to tease Abilene and take Edward from her. They rip off his clothes and he gets tossed in the ocean. It seems like hes under the water forever because someone recuses him. He hopes Abilene will come for him. But it's a fisherman that pulls him upon his boat. He decides to take him to her wife. He thinks it may cheer her up. The fisherman's wife, Nellie is so excited about the china rabbit. She calls her Susanna and makes her a dress. Edward is horrified at first for being dressed up like a girl rabbit. But he soon gets used to it because he feels its better being dressed like a girl that down under in the ocean. Nellie's daughter comes for a visit, and she doesn't like the rabbit one bit. She throws him in the trash and he gets taken to a land field with all the other garbage. He meets a dog there, and the dog takes him to a bum named Bull. Edward starts remembering how much Abilene loved him and he started missing her. Edward stayed with the bum for seven years. Then one day, he got kicked off a train and landed to the ground, A women took him and hung him up in her garden to scare the crows. A little boy thinks the rabbit would cheer up his very sick sister. He takes the china rabbit to her. Sarah Ruth loved Edward. He stayed with her until she died. The father took the girl away and Bryce decided to leave and take Edward with him. They live on the streets. He doesn't have enough money to pay for his food at a restaurant and the owner takes Edward from him instead. He fixes Edward up and displays him in his doll shop. He is there for a long time. He starts to remember about everything he has been through and everyone that loved him. He starts to feel sad and misses Abilene and Sarah Ruth. He misses everyone that loved him. He wished he could be with them again. Then one day, a little girl came into the shop with her mother. And she wanted to take Edward home. At first the mother said no, but them looks at Edward. That mother was Abilene. This book was excellent. When I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. I like how the rabbit was arrogant and didn't really feel love for Abilene. During his journey away from her, he remember the good times they had and how much Abilene loved him. He loved her too.

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