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Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
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Feb 13, 12

Read in February, 2012

I cried reading Me Before You - not the hysterical sob kind of tears but the consistent streams of water droplets rolling down my cheeks kind of tears. It was sad, but it was also quirky and funny and full of life. The characters were lovable, frustrating, and easy to relate to. I really, well and truly, liked this book.

Two criticisms spring to mind:
1. I couldn't quite decide how I felt about the ending. Admittedly it is a difficult plot to built, and choosing between life and death is a tricky situation to resolve (to say the least) - but I'm not sure it totally worked.

2. Building on that - [slight SPOILER alert] why did we never get a chapter in Will's voice? It's mostly from Lou's perspective, with a few guest features, but no Will. I think if the author had managed to slip in his perspective (after all, he gets so angry about other people 'deciding things for him'), it may have made the climax and ending a bit stronger.
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Katie i agree a few chapeters from wills point of view should of been added and i would of loved a diffrent ending but i think thats what made it diffrent from other books but i did love it :)

Olivia Why give it only
2 stars if you liked it so much?

Claire Newman What a great idea that would've been, one of the final chapters in his voice. i liked the ending, very sad but did wonder all through if she would have the courage to end it like that.

Jessica I agree with both of your points, especially point 2. Will's side would have been such an incredible insight!

EstaAmeliaR I think you were a bit mean with your rating! I agree with your points though.

Diane Long i completely agree with your point #2, but perhaps that's the whole idea - we can never know what it is like to be Will and to have come to make the decision he made.

On #1 - do we think Will could have really chosen otherwise? If he chose to live, then it would have ended as another typical chick book .. choosing for Lou, not for what his life would continue to be like - the part that is unchangeable and the driver of his decision.

message 7: by Sue (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sue I think Will did get his the letter he wrote to Lou at the end.

Jason Bingo sue. And that was the last words. He was laced throughout everyone else's story and I think that's an important distinction. Everyone else's story included aspects of will.

Colleen I think we never got to hear from Will, other than in his letters, because he is so helpless that he isn't even in control over his own story. It is the perfect metaphor for his situation- powerless, helpless, voiceless and completely dependent. That is his reality. Also, I completely find his decision credible. I never thought for a moment that he would chose to live. It just wasn't in his DNA to live a life of such passivity. Maybe it is because I am a nurse, but I thought it was 100% believable that he would make that decision. I don't think he ever even reconsidered, much less wavered toward living.

Renee Freeman What an excellent suggestion

Cindy H. I also wanted a chapter or two from Will's perspective.

Amber I am actually glad we didn't have a chapter from Will. I was so anticipating his response to her declaration of love because I had no idea what he would say. Yes or no. I think if we had insight into his thoughts we would have known which way he was thinking and the shock of his response or the "I knew it" feeling would have been lost.

message 13: by Fred (new) - rated it 5 stars

Fred Forbes According to the author "The only mind I could not enter was Will's, because I wanted his intentions to be one of the central tensions of the book." By the way, a book you "really well and truly liked" deserves more stars than you gave it!

message 14: by Susan (new)

Susan Actually, I would have liked this book more if written from Will's perspective; not from someone trying to change his mind but from his mind.

Jason I don't think she was trying to change his mind, well at the end I don't think it was that. I think she was suffering with the tragic concept of understanding his mind. We did get to hear a lot from him also the book started with his perspective, one that ultimately decided what he did

Julienne I agree. The final chapters should have Will's voice. Because the story became dragging when all we read is Lou's voice. I mean, you're right, Will's voice may incorporate a believable climax and ending...

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