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Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
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Aug 21, 08

it was ok
Read in August, 2008

I am going to cheat. I have two pages left. I doubt I'll change my mind after those two pages.

I feel bad not really loving a book by a holocaust survivor. The poor guy went through a lot and now he has to withstand my book review. Oh, except that he is dead. Do they have goodreads in heaven?

I was just bored by the book. As a child my mom never let us be bored. Well, technically we just could not say that we were bored. If we were bored we had to find something to do. It is a good policy, but was poorly enacted. You might think that I went and built forts and had adventures. No. I would have gotten kidnapped, so I was not allowed to do that. I did sometimes build a fort with couch cushions, but my sister was mean and wouldn't play with me. Oh, I did have an adventure one time. I was riding my bike. Ok, the bike was actually my sister's. And it had training wheels. And it a pink, dorky bike. But, hey, I was desperate. So this one day I was riding and I hit the gate. The training wheels lodged in the chain link and suspended the bike's back tire about an inch off the ground. That was the drive wheel, so with it off the ground I could peddle like mad and the bike wouldn't go anywhere. Plus the gate was holding me up. So I pretended to ride my bike a million miles an hour. That was my summer excitement.

Ok, so the book was divided into two parts. Part 1: Interesting. Part 2: Not Interesting.

Part 1: He described the concentration camp from such and objective perspective that it made me wonder if he was actually ever there. Ok, so, if I had such a traumatic experience perhaps I would have had to pull myself out of it in order to cope. So, I don't really fault him for that. But the book should have just been Part 1.

Part2: Totally unrelated. Pyschoanalysis stuff. And it was all soooo basic. Like this:
Problem: You want to kill people.
Solution: Tell yourself to go ahead and kill people, then all of a sudden you won't want to kill people.

Anyways, perhaps I would have liked this book more except that I have a bad association with it. The other night I was reading in the dark with my flashlight. My husband claims he can't sleep with the reading light on. I say his eyes are shut, it should not be an issue. But out of courtesy, I use a flashlight. Well, there was a little tiny fly that liked the light too. Then he flew up my nose and I had to blow him out. I hope he doesn't write a book about his experiences.
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Heather in a past commentary you were bemoaning the fact that you had not seen the bookmobile in several years.

Well, guess what i saw today? The fabulous BOOKMOBILE driving along the freeway in all of its glory!!! I was so excited i almost peed myself.

so there you go, your career options have just opened up...



Also, I had no idea that the Bookmobile could go fast enough to go on the freeway. Do you think books ever fall off the shelves?

Emily It just occurred to me: I invented spinning.

Cindymacqaol.com Emily, I love that you write such detailed reviews of your books. Sorry about the fly in the nose incident but it was quite a funny visual image. Maybe you should write a book ;)

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