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Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James
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Ok, if you could describe books as drugs, or an addiction, then this book is like my life support machine.
Firstly, take note: I would rate this book 4.49999 stars, but I'll ignore my maths lessons and round it off to a 5, just to up this book's ratings in the only way I know how, because honestly, this book is worth more than the current 4.06 stars. To me.
Secondly, this review may be a little biased as I'm still not over my grinning fangirl moment for this book. My thoughts are still wound up from reading this book, and to give the author some credit, I have finally successfully pried away from this book to write a review which is at least what this book deserves.
Lastly,a warning: To everyone reading this review, let's keep this straight: I have not read this book. I have stayed up till 1.30 am to study, not to read any romance novel my parents would disapprove. Heck, that's an understatement. Because honestly, if they find out that I've been reading a book with such a cover and title, the next thing I would be writing is my will.
Alrightey, my conscience is clear now, let's move on.
What is there not like about this book? Yeah, the story is really really unoriginal, heck, I just read a GOOD book with the SAME premise yesterday. Badass, hot actor, ordinary but amazing girl, fights, romance. (And of course, sex, which I thoroughly abhor, but oh, well, for the sake of a larger audience for this book....)
My favourite parts? The sarcasm. The arguments. The challenge of increasing the number of girl-fans to one's already-long list (for the hottie actor) and of keeping an arduous task "strictly business" (for the kick-ass lawyer girl). The best part? They both failed. And succeeded in something else altogether. Romance. Chemistry. And some more.
If you managed to reach this part of the review, all I can say is that you've probably wasted 3 minutes of your time when you should have been reading this book.
I told you I was biased.
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Julie James
“Taylor: “Show me your craftiness. I’ll give you one question.”
Jeremy: “I’m a big believer in first impressions,” he finally said. “Tell me what your first thought was when Jason walked into the courtroom.”
Taylor: “I vowed to hate him forever.”
Jeremy: “That’s exactly what I said nineteen years ago, five minutes after he first walked into our dorm room.”
Jason : “Did I miss something?”
Taylor: “You’re a bit older than I thought, Jason Andrews.”
Jason glanced quickly at Jeremy, who held up his hands innocently.
Jeremy: “I swear, she forced it out of me.”
Julie James, Just the Sexiest Man Alive

Julie James
“I realized that the one person who could break my heart is the only one who should have it.”
Julie James, Just the Sexiest Man Alive

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