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The Engines of God by Jack McDevitt
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Feb 12, 12

bookshelves: science-fiction
Read in February, 2012

My first book by Jack McDevitt. I read this followed by one of his others, The War Lover. Interestingly they both have extraterrestrial archeology as a major part of the plot line, but after that, they are very different books.
Good points about the book. Very interesting mystery as to who the Monument Builders are and why did they leave the various structures behind, and what happened to them. McDevitt also does a great job at handling the aspects of the conflict between the archaeologic team trying to finish their exploration of the a site and the needs of a team trying to start terra forming the planet to create more room for a population from an Earth suffering from the effects of global warming. Good hard science fiction in the book. Does allow FTL communications as well as a travel, but with enough science to back it up that it seems plausible.
Lesser points about the book are mostly about the conclusion, so I will not reveal it here. I am hopeful that McDevitt will expand on the story line more in future books. The fact that I read it on a cruise in the Caribbean may have influenced by rating a little bit. 8-)
Overall a good solid "B". I have to acknowledge the Science Fiction group over on Consimworld for this recommendation.

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