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The Vow by Kim Carpenter
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Feb 12, 2012

it was ok

I was very disappointed by this book, and I think this is one of those rare instances where the movie will actually be better than the book.

By now, I'm sure everyone knows the story - and since there's a movie, there's no room for ending spoils, which is why I'll go into detail about what I didn't like.

The way the book was written was not ideal - the bylines say Kim and Krickett Carpenter, yet only Kim narrated. I would've liked to hear what Krickett had to say. And Kim was very repetitive. For a solid three chapters I heard about how she didn't recognize him, how she would insult him and this would lead to arguments. Surely, there had to be more to the story than that. By the time Kim decides to see a therapist (who decides the two need to start 'dating' again), I'm the one who's ready to give up. After what seems like three dates - and no indication of how they fell in love again - they are ready to remarry. I want to know: What made Krickitt decide to stay (besides the fact that she was a devout Christian - surely there was something inside her that said, I don't recognize this man, or this home, why don't I just start anew?) What was it like to fall in love again - what kinds of emotions led to this?

I understand why they decided to take their story to the media - for one, they really did believe they could help people, and hey, after a major accident they are left them in financial ruins. but the last two chapters seem to give more detail of their 16-year media tour and how their new best friends are Ann Curry and Leeza Gibbons, than it does of the year and a half after the accident.
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Ashley I totally agree with you. it was missing her narrative. and it was repetitive and cut out the parts that would have been most interesting to read. I think they just want the reader to know that Jesus and God gave them the strength to get through that time and that's all that matters.

Jessica I'm so glad you agreed Ashley! I've heard mixed reviews about the movie, so I may still check it out (I love Rachel McAdams, and Channing Tatum is pretty hot ;) )

Thanks for reading my review!

JeniLynn I'm in total agreement. I really wanted to read more about how he won her heart again.
I think it would have been so much better had a third party listened to their story and wrote it, without narration.
I'm a devout Christian myself, but I think stating that it was God who held them together could have had a bigger impact if said 1-3 times, but I felt like it was said in every four paragraphs - and it made the book incredibly repetitive.
I'm still wondering how Krickett fell in love with Kim again. I want that story!!! :)

Jessica And from what I've read on movie reviews - we'll prob never know. They completely changed the story - not just the names. Thanks for commenting, JenniLynn!

Beth Fred Agreed.

Dianne I totally agree.
What also frustrated me with the book, well, Kim actually, why couldn't he be a husband to his wife during her recovery. Why did he have to be a coach?
And yes, I would have liked to have heard what Krickett had to say.

Michelle Mckimmy Totally agree with EVERYTHING you say! I was dissapointed, but I didn't see the movie. I was hoping the book would be more of a story than a memoir.

Heather Nadeau king I just started the book but I already have the impression that the movie will be better.

message 9: by Emma (new) - rated it 1 star

Emma Karahan I agree as well. I just finished this book. I had picked it up thinking it was going to be a quick, sappy, tear-jerking love story, as the movie trailer makes it seem. I was quite bored by this book. I think it is really awesome how they overcame everything, but I think that the story could have been told very differently.

message 10: by Jen (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jen Totally agree with Jessica's entire review. I felt after reading the book that Krickett is still a mystery to me. This is an amazing story but the book just did nothing for me. It seemed a very one-sided view of the relationship.

Candace Worrell It made me wonder if they really did fall in love again or if they stayed together out if duty and obligation. Luckily, the book didn't waste more than a couple of hours of my time.

Denise This story is not for entertainment. It is real. I think it is wonderful. They told their story in the way they wanted to. We all tell our story in our own way. Stop judging the book as if it was written to win a Nobel award or New York's best selling book or something. As for wanting Krickett's side...maybe she didn't want to write or she felt the way her husband portrayed the story was perfect.

message 13: by Kirk (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kirk I agree about how it could have been presented better. But this is his story as he needed to tell it. Was it repetitive, yes. But maybe that is because it was such a factor on getting them through it. That one thing they both climbed to every day possibly every min. He presented it how he lived it.

As far as some of the other points. "Why did he have to be a coach", well he is a guy. We are wired to find the problem and do something about it. At that point she was his wife in title only, nothing he could do about that. A very frustrating place to be for a guy, I could only imagine what it would be like. He saw hope in helping her progress through all that re-learning. He is a coach, something he could do was coach, he knew how to do that, how to help her work toward that goal. So he switched roles. Did he do right, at least partially yes. But it is so easy to read about this and see the mistakes. 202/20 hindsight right? How would you have handled it? Your world is upside down, you are drowning in every sense of the word. You grab onto anything solid you can, you then try to act from it. That's what he did.

He skimmed over re-kindling their love, well again he is a guy. So there is that. But maybe they just decided to leave that out, a little piece that is theirs alone. Hard to say why he did what, why he wrote this but not that. But it is his story as he tells it. He is not some best selling author with twenty books under his belt, what you see is what you get.

Again I do agree, but I also understand who he is and where he is coming from made the book what it is and also what it is not. I'm just happy for what he did share and how it can effect me, possibly to inspire me to be a better spouse when that time comes.......

Rebekah Might I just point out that Krickett couldn't tell majority of the story, cause she didn't remember most of it. The only part she could've told was what occurred after the accident. And that would've made it a bit confusing, since Kimmer had already been telling most of the story from his point of view.

Rebekah And you wish he could've been less of a coach and more of a husband? I agree with Kirk; It was his first instinct, and he acted on it. He didn't have many other options. And what would YOU have done in this situation? It was only through their trust in God that they were able to make it through like they did. Sure, it took a long time, but they remained bound to each other.

Cathi I think that because of Krickett's memory would have presented an issue when writing this story. So, that may be why it seems one sided.

Laura Totally agree!!!!

Emily Exactly how I felt! He glossed over the whole dating-the-second-time-around process. It was like "I went to Walmart, got some candy, and we walked around the store eating it" and all of a sudden, on the next page, they're planning their second wedding.

Also, he mentioned over and over again that they argued. Ok. About what!? He never said what the arguments were about.

Maybe the dating process and maybe the arguments were private, between him & his wife, but then don't write a book about your life, if you don't want to share your life.

Diana I actually liked the book even though it had nothing to do with the movie. It shows how strong of a relationship they have and didn't give up on there marriage. I saw the movie and I'm not saying I didn't like it but I love how everyone in the book was really supportive and loving even if they did fight, like who said every marriage is perfect. Even though Krickitts point of view is not shown doesn't mean she didn't helped write it or did anything in general. It also shows how much they cared about each other and how much faith they had in God, and for those of you who say they felt like they were forced to get married again, I strongly disagree with that. If they didn't love each other then why would they get married in the first place (as in before the accident). Love is like an imaginary string, always pulling you towards someone. Even though it was repetitive it's his way of telling a story.

message 20: by Jack (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jack Vasen As to why was he such a coach - Kim acknowledges that he is a flawed human being. He's also a guy, therefore not always sensitive to the softer side. As to why did Krickitt stay - Jessica you answered it. In the world that Krickitt lived in; in the core of her being as a Christian; breaking the vow (divorce) is not an option, at least not without far more serious reasons - far more serious. The vow of marriage is even during the hard times. And that is what makes this such a touching story. As to Krickett's side - there were some journal entries that did that and it is true Krickett could not testify to a lot of the story because she didn't know it. I do think that perhaps a little more of her side would have been nice, especially drawing out how they fell in love again - but then maybe that was too personal.

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