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Hallowed by Cynthia Hand
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Feb 12, 2012

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Read from March 29 to 31, 2012

3.5 stars

Liked this even better than the first one, so that's good. Review to come!

Clara has an unusual problem: unlike most girls her age who are stressing about SAT scores and getting into the college of their dreams, Clara has a celestial-ordained purpose (with a capital P) hanging over her angelic head --like the proverbial Damocles sword AND a Black Wing who has marked her out as an enemy. What's a Black Wing you say? It's pretty much as it sounds -- Fallen Angels (exiles from Heaven thrown out after the War whose wings have lost their majestic white hue).

I ♥♥♥ some of the myth-building in this one -- Black Wings are awesome and I hope to get much more of who they actually are and what they want in Book 3. Earthly angel-bloods -- the offspring of full blood Angels mixing with humans -- are fascinating too. They represent a pseudo-superhero mystique that I can get behind. There are no tights involved, or capes, but they can fly and leap tall buildings. Clara is one of these and we learn much more about her parentage -- and the angel-bloods themselves -- this time around, and I found all of it to leave me wanting more. In a good way though, not a "will you get to the point" way.

There was still more adolescent angst in this one than I can normally tolerate, and I could actually have done without the puppy love story. I appreciate that Clara is desperately trying to cling to some normalcy in a life that has spun hazardously out of control, but jeesh ... with everything that's going on maybe making out with your super hot, super sweet boyfriend shouldn't be such a priority. In Clara's defense, she's doing the best she can under the circumstances, and as a believable and likable heroine I am cheering for her.

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So I did enjoy this one, even more than the first, and I am looking forward to Book 3, where my hope is Hand pulls out all the stops and we get some heavy angel-on-angel action, a Heavenly War on Earth where the stakes are A LOT higher than merely who Clara chooses to love for the rest of her life.
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Ronyell Awesome review Trudi! I loved this book!!!

Trudi Ronyell wrote: "Awesome review Trudi! I loved this book!!!"

Thanks Ronyell! I enjoyed it immensely! Have you read Book 3? I think I let my expectations get too high.

Ronyell Trudi wrote: "Ronyell wrote: "Awesome review Trudi! I loved this book!!!"

Thanks Ronyell! I enjoyed it immensely! Have you read Book 3? I think I let my expectations get too high."

No, I've just finished the second book and posted my review on it, but hopefully I'll get around to it soon!

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