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Evernight by Claudia Gray
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Jul 18, 08

bookshelves: young-adult, hated, did-not-finish, 2008, vampires
Recommended for: no one
Read in July, 2008

I got almost halfway through this book before having to stop. The book started off okay but not especially enthralling; it felt like a knockoff of Twilight, with a little Harry Potter thrown in the mix. Bianca is sent to boarding school where everyone is seemingly perfect and she falls for a guy, Lucas, who thinks it's best they keep apart.. but they can't. For starters, the love plot seemed totally forced. Bianca keeps thinking about Lucas and thinks she's sooo in love with him, even after he's rude to her and starts fights with people who are trying to defend her. Yeah, it's pretty bad... and incredibly painful to read. I started to read a little faster, hoping to get to the "good part" of the book. And then this happened:


At the dance, Bianca and Lucas go outside and Bianca can't control herself and bites him. Other students appear and ones says that it's about time Bianca becomes a vampire like the rest of them. Next thing you know, Bianca is mentioning that she's known she was a vampire for years, how her parents always kept her informed about stuff like that, etc. Whaaat?? I couldn't buy the twist at all. It totally came out of nowhere and it didn't make the least bit of sense; if she'd known this all along, the bite wouldn't have been such a shock AND she wouldn't have spent time wondering about everyone else at the school because she would have already known!! At any rate, it was so dumb that I could only read a few more pages, hoping for something that would make everything make sense, and eventually I just put the book down.

This is not a book I'd recommend to anyone. It's one thing to like twists in a book, but there needs to be at least a little set up for it and have the twist actually make sense. This was awful. There are way better books out there to read.

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Clare D' Lune I totally agreed! This book bugged me so much! For one, she's supposed to be shy!?! Yay, she kept reminded everyone she was, but she sure didn't ACT like it. And the weird 'oh-I-knew-the-whole-time-but-I-decided-to-keep-it-to-myself, thing like nearly made me puke. I mean, come ON. Sure, the author wanted to make it interesting, but that was just like stupid.

P.S. If you're wondering how I found your review, it's because I was looking at the reviews for the book, for someone who agreed with me : D...

Carmaletta Hilton Be glad that you didn't finish it. The whole thing just gets worse, especially when you reach her next big twist. I read the whole thing and was so angry with myself for wasting so much of my time with that book. Once again, I've found a main character that I hate in YA vampire fiction. It seems to be a trend. I definitely won't be reading the second one.

message 3: by Sara (new) - rated it 1 star

Sara I think maybe I could have bought the twist if the narrative was in third person, but Bianca was telling the story herself! She couldn't be bothered to mention the fact that "oh yeah, I've known I was a vampire for years" until she bites someone? Stupid indeed.

message 4: by Sara (new) - rated it 1 star

Sara Carmaletta wrote: "Be glad that you didn't finish it..."

I am so glad!

Carmaletta Hilton Sara wrote: "I think maybe I could have bought the twist if the narrative was in third person, but Bianca was telling the story herself! She couldn't be bothered to mention the fact that "oh yeah, I've known I..."

Oh, I definitely agree. I just felt duped. Here she is talking about how she doesn't belong there and how Raquel can feel "it" when she's uncomfortable, and yet she knew what was going on the entire time. Third person would have at least disconnected us enough that it wasn't the main character who was doing all the lying. And the whole "I don't belond here" garbage was just-- Ugh, maybe she didn't need to learn about the present, but she sure as hell needed to learn about the past so she could have some kind of respect for what she was and what her parents were. The character just gets worse and worse as the book continues. My review of this book is mostly about why I hated Bianca and my issues with her relationship and Lucas. If I kept going about everything I hated with this book, I'd still be typing LoL

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