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Understanding Movies by Louis D. Giannetti
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Feb 12, 2012

liked it

I guess that I really should have learned more from this book, because I disagreed with a lot of the points that the author makes. Maybe that says more about me than the book itself! We had to buy this book for a film class I took, but the teacher never really used it. Maybe that says more about the book than my review!

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message 1: by Davide (new)

Davide typical young person's comments . . . ah you disagree ? I read the book and I think it is well written and there is MUCH to LEARN not to challenge . . . when you write your book explaining where he is wrong, then I will read it . . until then .. stay with the rest of the you idiots that think they know it all . . . and watch movies but have NO CLUE as to understanding what they are watching . . . there are NOT LITERAL they are metaphorical !

Heidi Angell Well, the problem with things being metaphorical is that it can mean two different things to two different people, yes? I didn't say he was wrong, I just disagreed with his interpretations. Maybe that is a generational gap issue. You know, like the fact that if someone disagrees with your opinion on something, then they must be an idiot. Hmmmm.....

message 3: by Davide (new)

Davide usually a great work is not understood nor appreciated then then it does appear idiotic that all the masterpiece qualities are just ignored and instead too much feminism, politically correct rubbish, or whatever the issue is seems to be an obstacle to knowing what great literature is . . you could always have read Harry Potter . . .

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