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Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James
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Feb 12, 2012

really liked it
Read on February 12, 2012

I give this 4.5 stars.

In this second book, Christian and Ana are heartbroken over their recent breakup three days ago. Ana is trying to survive the days as she sets out on her first week at a new job. Christian, suave as ever, manages to get back onto talking terms with her, and the ball rolls feverishly ahead once again.

I was much more wrapped up in this one. For starters, the connection was more raw, passionate and loving, as opposed to explicit sex and standoffishness on Christian's part, though there was no shortage of the steamy scenes to be sure. This go round the lovers are in a constant hot cold situation as more and more of Christian's history is revealed. I loved the way it came about and by the end I have to admit, Christian has come a long way! Though the man could try a saint's patience.

There were so many facets to this one. From crazed ex-sub to a quietly crazy jealous and warped ex-dom to a creepy new boss, I felt like I got three stories in one. It kept me on my toes. There was little in the way of extra characters (Jose, Kate, Mia, etc.), but I can't say as I missed them. Christian and Ana carried the story without flaw. They had adventures that swept me away where I watched like a stalker, envious of Ana's relationship with the power hungry god, and heartwarming moments that had me cuddling on at the foot of the bed like some sort of creepy phantom voyeur, head in hand, smiling deliriously.

The only issues I had were virtually the same as with the first book. One: E.L seems to have strayed from her repetitive use of the phrase "Oh my" to a 50/50 split of "Oh my" and "Holy cow!" To add to her cache of grossly overused expressions and word choices are salacious and lascivious. Although, I will giver her credit, she only used clambered once or twice, but when I saw it, my eyes snagged on it. The last thing that jumped from the pages is something that many, many other have also complained about: the dreaded inner goddess. This time around, instead of hiding behind couches and clapping her hands like a school girl, she seems to have taken up the bottle. Drunken little hussy comes to mind, although the goddess seems to have taken Christian up on his command for Ana to exercise regularly. Since Ana seems to be one lazy girl and can't seem to find it in her schedule to squeeze in a little personal trainer time, Inner Goddess appears to have stepped to the fore and picked up the slack. Often you can see her pole vaulting off tables and doing tricks on the balance beam. She's quite agile for an old gal with pointy-rimmed glasses who carries her purse in her elbow crease. Yes, Ana's imagination is fairly exasperating. At least she's begun talking to Christian's shrink, though I don't hold much hope of her overcoming this affliction--look how much he's done for our Christian, after all!

As I said, much better this time around. More storyline, more LOVE making, and lots of drama to keep any imagination entertained. A good read and I can't wait to delve into the next one!
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Holly Hood You have me excited to start the next one!!

Brandi Salazar Glad to hear it!

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