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Polymer by Sally Rogers-Davidson
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Feb 12, 2012

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Read on February 19, 2012

rating: 3.25-3.5/5

wow woah :0
it seems i have a soft spot for psychos misguided villains with lotsa onion layers on their character self and get a chance to redeem themselves... review to follow after further inspection and thorough rereading.

note: copy was generously provided by the author; came across polymer via giraffedays
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02/19/2012 "Perhaps she didn’t have any opinion on it. I didn’t imagine they’d be encouraged to have too many opinions. Like good soldiers they just did as they were told and kept their thoughts to themselves."
02/19/2012 "I vowed to remember my past, but not so that I could use the memory like her, to keep my hatred alive. I wanted to remember that there was a better way, that people could live in harmony. Life wasn’t about revenge. Revenge destroys, and I vowed I would never let it destroy me as it had Phoebe and the others."
02/19/2012 "One of our Stationer sayings is: “Believe only half of what you see, and none of what you hear.” For all you know it could all be lies.’"
02/19/2012 "The sensual feel of the water flowing over your skin, the steamy atmosphere. It’s all so primordial. You can close your eyes and imagine that you’re anywhere. It’s like the time between sleeping and waking, when you’re so warm and relaxed and there’s nothing on your mind but the sheer pleasure of being."
02/19/2012 "I wondered how he would react when he regained consciousness. One thing was certain, he wouldn’t be in a good mood, and I wasn’t naive enough to believe that he would be grateful to me for sparing his life. In fact he’d probably assume that I’d only stunned him because I didn’t know how to use the gun properly."
02/19/2012 "I didn’t have anything in particular against the others. It was their methods I didn’t like, not them as people."
02/19/2012 "I did the most clichéd thing a heroine can do. I fainted" 3 comments
02/19/2012 "I had to be careful not to form an unnatural attachment to him. I’d read about this kind of thing before. It was called ‘the Stockholm Syndrome’ and happened quite often when someone was held hostage and totally at the mercy of another. The victim fell in love with her captor. It was sick, and I was determined not to let it happen to me."
02/19/2012 "Sometimes, getting your own way just isn’t worth it. Sometimes, to get along in life you have to learn to compromise."
02/19/2012 "There’s no word for trust in the language of the Invaders. Do you understand? It’s a concept totally alien to them, and they infect everyone they touch with the same sick philosophy. They bring everyone down to their level. The one thing they truly excel in is manipulation"
02/19/2012 "It was hard to pretend that I was still the same happy-go-lucky person I’d been the past week, but I had to. I had no choice but to continue on as before. Besides, the busier I kept myself, the less time I had to contemplate my predicament."
02/19/2012 "felt like I had been reborn. I felt like I was immortal. I knew beyond any doubt that if my body was blown to a million pieces tomorrow, that I would live on in another form; that bodies were just a vehicle to be worn and discarded. That life was eternal. That true freedom could only be attained when death released the immortal soul."
02/19/2012 "If you were playing a game (..) you wouldn’t give up before you knew the conclusion simply because you knew there would always be another game to play after that. No. You do your very best in the knowledge that the mistakes you make this time around will make it easier for you to win the next time. You learn something new in every game. You improve all the time."
02/19/2012 "It’s funny how the plays of Shakespeare are still relevant, considering how long ago they were written. They illustrate so many of the situations we humans get ourselves into in the quest for love and wealth. I guess that until we all reach enlightenment we will always relate to them."
02/19/2012 "‘I couldn’t stop thinking about you. You were so different from all the other women I knew. You intrigued me. I had to find you again. I had to know you. I had to have you.’‘You had to have me,’ I said angrily. ‘Like some puppet you could control.’"
02/19/2012 "Feeling so close to death brought some perspective back into my life."
02/19/2012 "At least he was trying to be optimistic. I knew if I opened my mouth I wouldn’t be able to say anything positive, so I kept it shut."
02/19/2012 "‘I’m so sorry I got you into this, Polly. If I’d left you on the Base Ship none of this would have happened.’I felt inclined to let him off the hook, but then I just couldn’t do it. ‘Oh, that’s just great,’ I said. ‘Now you admit you were wrong. Now when we’re going to die, finally you see the light.’"
02/19/2012 "‘That spider probably thought you were a nice warm rock or something. Most things won’t attack unless they’re threatened. Nature isn’t your enemy. If you leave it alone, it will leave you alone.’"
02/19/2012 "Really, he was more misguided than evil. Okay, so he had his faults. He’d done questionable things, not least among them kidnapping me and keeping me prisoner, enabling his psychotic mother to get her hands on me and steal the Pollette, but he hadn’t known that would happen, and nobody’s perfect, after all. We all make mistakes."
02/19/2012 "‘There’s a time to die,’ he said. ‘It’s obscene to keep a body alive when there’s no hope of recovery. You have to let them go onto the next life. You have to stop the suffering.’"
02/19/2012 "‘You’re still young,’ he sighed. ‘And overconfident with the arrogance of youth.’‘Sometimes all it takes is a little confidence,’ I said." 3 comments
02/19/2012 "Simplicity is the key to serenity and contentment."

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message 2: by jesse (last edited Sep 19, 2012 11:16AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

jesse no, i didn't. thanks for the link, miriam! are you going to read it soon-ish?

message 3: by Miriam (new)

Miriam I don't know; did it seem like a series that needed to be read in order? Her other books are kind of expensive in the US.

message 4: by jesse (last edited Sep 19, 2012 12:56PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

jesse nope, not at all. wait! let me rephrase: polymer is the only standalone novel the author has written (i think)!

polymer can be acquired from lulu:

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