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Hawk Quest by Robert Lyndon
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Feb 13, 2012

it was ok
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Read from February 11 to 13, 2012

I went fast through it as it was very disappointing; starts well - the first few pages promise so much - but then it loses any personality and it becomes a stock adventure; not unlike Ben Kane's novels so if you like those, you may like this but I find them boring and bland.

The action is cliched and has no sense of the historical - outside a few details about falcons and of course the throwing around of names and places, it could be set at any time or place as its period and locale are just names not "real"; you get the sense the author used a pop history book that presents the past with our modern sensibilities and values. There is no sense of religion for example or of the class and race differences that were so important at the times, while the motivations of the drivers of action could come from your today Hollywood thriller, again just no sense that we are in the 1070's and not in the 2010's on a stage and with costumes

The characters are stock and the writing is very bland - no sense of excitement, adventure or danger.

if there is one positive is that the book flows well and it is easy on the eye, no effort required to read it but i would strongly recommend to stay away from it

for a superb book that gives the flavor of time and place though it takes place mostly in Constantinople and some 50 years or so earlier, try Byzantium by Michael Ennis and you will see the huge difference in everything with this one while for a sense of history you could do worse than read Anna Komnene (daughter of a Byzantine emperor and schemer and mover at the court) history, The Alexiad which was written in the 1140's but is still fresh and talks about the period of this book
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message 1: by Shane (new)

Shane Hey Liviu, this book looks cool, How do you like it so far?

Liviu I went fast through it as it was very disappointing; starts well but then it loses any personality and it becomes a stock adventure; not unlike Ben Kane's novels so if you like those, you may like this but I find them boring and bland

message 3: by Shane (new)

Shane Oh man, ok thanks. Never read Kane before.

Liviu He seems to be popular and I made the analogy as he gave this book a "best ever" review.

message 5: by Shane (new)

Shane I was hoping you'd give this a thumb's up. Oh well I have plenty of books TBR.

message 6: by Shane (new)

Shane Yeah, I seen that "best ever".

message 7: by Liviu (last edited Feb 13, 2012 08:57AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Liviu i wanted to like it too otherwise I would not have spent my time on it as I have tons of books i want to read; it starts well with a hanging, a crowd of starved peasants ready for some cannibalism and the main heroes - Vallon a disgraced knight and Cosmas his young but learned sidekick scaring them away - though already Vallon starts acting completely out of character for a 1070's knight by saving a peasant baby...; and then they go to complete their original mission to a nearby lord's fortress - this is in the immediate aftermath of the Norman conquest in England btw - and from there the ridiculousness of how characters act and behave only deepens; later there are some more interesting moments in the heroes peregrinations but overall the 21st century feel of the book is just overwhelming

message 8: by Shane (new)

Shane You're just too picky, Liviu. lol Nah just kidding. I'm working on River of Shadows now, so far so good.

mixal So weird, I just finished the book, and have to say that as compared to this book, characters in Byzantium were a bit grotesque and stereotypical.

Liviu As always there is the possibility that reading Byzantium first some 20 (? could be 15) years ago so with many less read books at the time, I remained with a rosier impression as opposed to this one

mixal Oh, I just realized that we are probably talking about different books called Byzantium. I was referring to the Lawhead's one :).

Struggling to identify the 21th century feel. I definitely agree that Ben Kane's characters are usually quite anachronistic and especially female characters belong more to YA genre. Here, the motivations of different characters are a bit puzzling in the beginning, but most of it clears out as the story develops. Also, breaches of etiquette in behavior between classes are portrayed as such...

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