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Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Feb 11, 2012

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** My goodness, all the political maneuverings in this book were crazy. Shay is not a likable character in the least. And I don't feel bad over what happened with Lucas. Broken or not, he forced her hand. I understand why Maddy had to leave. She'd just gotten her mate and then he was dead within minutes. Not Bryn's fault, but if she had stayed, everything would have been much worse. This book was more intense than the first to me. There was more of a sense that some of the Cedar Ridge pack wouldn't make it and indeed, one of them died, Bryn was forced to kill Lucas and Maddy left.

The psychics weren't much more likable than Shay is. Even if they were being mostly manipulated. Even if in the end, they feel bad about it. I just can't feel sorry for them. Anymore than Bryn could feel sorry for whatever it was that Caroline was feeling. According the Bryn, all of the psychics except Caroline and Jed left. Does that mean we'll be seeing more of them? I'm sure Shay will be hanging around to cause more trouble, too. Especially since he seems to want Lake so badly.

It seems that Bryn and Chase can argue after all. I still want to know more about him. It's obvious he feels Bryn is her mate and they admitted to loving each other, but it still seems it's mostly the mate bond that has them feeling that way. And will Bryn resent Chase again when he chooses her over the pack? He won't ever be upset that she chooses the pack over him. She is, after all, supposed to do that. Neither of them can help those parts of themselves. I admire Chase for his honesty. And for placing the pack above himself for Bryn's sake. He'd die for them. Not because of any innate sense to do so, but because Bryn wants the pack safe more than anything else. Also, he seems a little better at reading people than Bryn does. He never trusted Lucas and he was right not to.

There was a lot of us versus them this time around. Humans versus Weres. Bryn finally coming to terms that she can't continue on as if she is a normal human. She's not as physically strong as the rest, but she certainly isn't a normal human. I knew at some point, she would be asking someone to Change her. I just wasn't sure if it would be Chase or Callum. Seems she'll still be human for a while, though. I knew that She-wolf in her dreams had to mean something. I agree with her, though. As long as she remains human, alpha or no, other wolves will see her as weak and breakable. The wolves in her pack won't challenge her. They chose to be there. But she'll probably think twice before taking in any outsiders again. Harboring Lucas brought nothing but trouble and in the end, cost her 2 pack mates and a friend. Hopefully now she'll realize she really can't save everyone. Some people really can't be rescued. Bryn's a sweet girl. Loyal. But it seems she's going to have to lose more of her humanity, her naivete and grow up real fast in order to survive and keep her pack safe.

I'm really wondering what's going to happen in book three as I'm not seeing what can happen next. I'm sure it's going to be a whole lot of trouble, what ever it is.

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6.0% "Are we getting some kind of witches in this series? I get the feeling that the new girl at school and dude in Bryn's dream probably aren't too fond of werewolves."
26.0% "Whoever this guy that keeps invading Bryn's dreams, he's no ordinary human. Maybe not a witch, but someone with a knack. Wonder if he's one of the folks looking for Lucas. Creepy dude."
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