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Inescapable by Amy A. Bartol
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Feb 11, 2012

it was amazing
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** spoiler alert ** By the time I started to read this book, I either did not take note of what kind of story this is, or I simply forgot, or maybe it just was not mentioned, but the point was, I practically had no idea. This meant that I was in the dark the whole time as to what the mystery was really all about at the beginning of the story. However, that did not annoy me at all. I was actually enjoying being in the dark for that one, and thinking about it. It was also a pleasant surprise when the reveal finally came.

So, angels. Huh. I did not expect that. Well, I actually was not expecting anything (please refer to previous paragraph), but I was kind of hoping it wasn't a vampire story (I don't know why. I got a bit nervous, though, when Reed exhibited all those speed and extra-sensitive hearing and compulsion-like ability, because it almost seemed like vampire to me). I like Unearthly, and I'm not making any comparisons here, because to me, well, they're not comparable. It just didn't occur to me to compare, and I was satisfied with both. A little more in this book than in Unearthly (Tsk, I just said I wasn't going to compare!), but it's not that I don't like Unearthly, I just like this book more. If you get what I mean. Probably because the angels in this story are closer to my idea of angels, with all the warrior thing, and the lack of emotion going on. Sometimes I don't really get myself, because now that I think about it, Unearthly has all the glory and the hallowed thing going for it, but for some reason, Amy Bartol's angels resonate more with me. Maybe it's because Unearthly focused more on angel-bloods, and in Inescapable I had more exposure to actual angels, and got to see their sense of duty and mission. And I don't necessarily connect ghosts with the idea of the existence of angels, so that was a surprising and interesting tie-up, and it actually went together smoothly. I liked that too. She was even able to incorporate the idea of soulmates and reincarnation! I never thought that it could be compatible with the idea of Paradise, Hell and angels, but Ms. Bartol was able to do it.

But I haven't actually touched or mentioned anything about the story, which centered on an angel-blood herself. A very special one at that. An enigma, to use Reed's words. That's probably because I enjoyed that part of the story so much, where I didn't know, just like Evie, what she was, and what was happening to her. Check it out for yourselves.

So, let me just run through the characters and what I have to say about them, since I won't really say anything about the story (although that doesn't mean there won't be any spoilers. There will probably more spoilers this way actually, I think).

Genevieve "Evie" Claremont: I like her; she's really clever, courageous, and I like the emotions she portrays.

Reed Wellington: Hot. I like his sense of duty, and how his smiles are rare and precious things to come by. I also like how his character developed, and how he has his moments of cuteness.

Alfred: A totally heartbreaking character. The guy I should have, but did not, see coming. Whew.

Russell: A precious character, although I'm Team Reed all the way. I really like this guy as well.

Zephyr: Well, I thought I wouldn't like him, the way he was introduced, but I really do! I like how he's all military-like but oblivious to simple human things, and he has his cute moments too.

Buns & Brownie: Yep, they're a package. These two were a pleasant surprise, at first I didn't really care that much about them, but once their reveal happened, their awesomeness shines through.

Uncle Jim: He's a lovely guy, but he shows how this story, even though it's paranormal, still goes with realistic scenarios, and that everything's not perfect and rosy. I like that angle he brings to the story.

I don't know if what I wrote made sense, but those are my feelings on this book. I really like it. Weirdly, sometimes I get Twilight-ish vibes from it, but maybe it's just because stories sometimes have that formula? Although Reed did do that Edward Cullen way of watching the girl sleep, albeit he has a better reason for doing it, and not just for kicks. Anyway, that's not really a bad thing for me since I don't hate on Twilight anyway.

Having said all that, I'm off to read the next book.

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