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The Maker's Diet by Jordan S. Rubin
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Aug 12, 11

did not like it
Read in January, 2006

Has some good principles, but mixes it with utter hogwash and tries to falsely spiritualize the whole thing. Yes, eating whole foods is good. Yes, we often overprocess our food, and going back to a more natural, local diet will be better for our bodies. But does cutting out pork, catfish, and crab really change one's health all that much? Is coconut oil really the secret to long life? Did failure to chew his food enough really give Rubin Crohn's disease?

Besides the technical difficulties, I really disliked how he tried to use the Bible to spiritually justify his diet. Sorry, but the Bible doesn't tell you that you shouldn't eat hydrogenated oils any more than it tells you that you shouldn't drive a car or shave your face with a multi-blade razor. It doesn't say a thing about "whole food nutrition supplements", "hydrotherapy", reducing environmental toxins, or the kind of "advanced hygiene" that Rubin promotes. Some of the Bible's instructions on diet probably really were a good idea health-wise for Hebrews living 2,000-3,000 years ago. But it was never meant to tell us how to take care of our bodies physically in perpetuity (otherwise, why would Jesus and Peter have made it so clear that it's okay to eat absolutely anything?) Rubin obviously knows this, since the vast majority of the advice in the book has little to do with the Bible, but the fact that he tried to give the impression that his diet is the "Maker's Diet" and comes straight from the Bible was bothersome.

If you want to do more research, there are also the issues that his degrees are from very suspect unaccredited universities, his health products had to get cease and desist warnings from the FDA concerning their unsubstantiated claims, and the fact that he heavily promotes the specialized "whole food" powders that are only sold by the company he owns. But I've said enough for one review.

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