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The Crimean War by Orlando Figes
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Feb 10, 12

Great book of a mostly forgotten period of history that shaped much of Europe as we see it now.
Figes is an extraordinary writer, mixing the long lines of history with snippets of human interest and petit histoire easily.
The Crimea was a curious mix of the 18th and 19th century, where the Czar, King and Sultan still had real influence, but also where public opinion for the first time reared its ugly head, specially in Britain. Telegraph, steamboats, photography, Minié rifles, explosive shells and longe range guns, modern triage in military medical care (a Russian invention) were all introduced during the Crimean War and still in the way the Siege of Sevastopol was fought it was a very 18th century war.
Very readable, this book is much recommendid by me

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