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A Million Suns by Beth Revis
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Feb 15, 12

Read from February 10 to 15, 2012

RATING: 3.5 stars





Stand alone or series? BOOK 2 of the ACROSS THE UNIVERSE trilogy

Genre: Baby Sci-Fi

Why I read this: Because I liked ACROSS THE UNIVERSE


A Detailed Summary:

Godspeed is in chaos.

Amy has been unplugged for 3 months. After the events of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, we find her struggling to live day-to-day life under the roof of the claustrophobic ship. She misses her parents, who are frozen in their cyro chambers. And she is trying to come to grips with the rape attempt that she barely escaped. She’s in a bad place at the beginning of A MILLION SUNS, but she’s not alone.

Having successfully got the ship off Phydus with Amy’s assitance in AtU, Elder is determined to rule the ship in a way that gives the ship’s inhabitants free will but also in a way that sustains the rapidly depleting supplies upon Godspeed.

As the inhabitants begin to realise what is was the Phydus did to them, they begin to come to terms with what Eldest did to them. And they’re angry. They begin to rebel, fighting against the notion that Elder should lead the ship. Some become suicidal. They all want to elect a leader.

Then bodies start showing up with “Follow the leader” attached to their bodies. The ships’ people begin to think that Elder may be behind it. As the rebellion brews, Amy and Elder discover new secrets about the ship—left by Orion in the form of a treasure trail of clues—and both have to work together to try and fix the engines of Godspeed, try and staunch the rebellion and of course, find the murderer amongst them.

The Good:

1. Fast paced story telling.

2. Loads of new revelations about Godspeed and the characters within. In fact, there’s one by the end of first chapter. I like how Revis hit the ground running and doesn’t let up, it keeps the tension taut and the short chapters just make me want to keep reading.

3. Amy—her longing for her parents, trying to overcome her near-rape, her honesty about whether her relationship with Elder is really one built on love. These things made her so much more human, so when she was occasionally frustrating, it was ok.

4. ”But Amy,” he said. “Space suits!”

5. The treasure-trail aspect of the novel. It’s different from what I normally read, and I’m a sucker for it.

6. The fact that we find out Orion wasn’t just a one-dimensional baddie. I kind of wish this had been made more apparent in AtU.

7. THE HUGE SEKRIT OF SEKRITNESS that Amy/Elder were trying to discover was set up beautifully. I found myself really wanting to know what it was, so I guess what I’m saying is Revis does suspense well.

The Bad:

1. (view spoiler)

2. A MILLION SUNS is the same as ACROSS THE UNIVERSE in that I still have no idea who’s speaking in what chapter unless I look at the chapter titles. Their voices are very similar.

3. The villain was easy to spot, in my opinion, so the big reveal at the end wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be.

A MILLION SUNS is overall a solid sequel. While I have some qualms over the books nature, I would recommend it for fans of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. Like the first novel, short rapid-fire chapters, plot twists and revealed secrets will keep you racing towards the cliff-hanger ending that I’m sure will leave many craving SHADES OF EARTH, book three.

1. People who are looking to read Sci-Fi but you know...not ACTUAL Sci-Fi
2. Dystopian junkies looking for something a little different. This series has some of the same elements of the current trend of YA Romance-Dystopian.

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