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Great Bear Lake by Erin Hunter
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Mar 19, 12

bookshelves: 3rd-quarter
Read in February, 2012

Great bear lake is a fun, easy read. It really makes you think about how animals might feel about us. I also feel a little bad for animals because of this book. It really makes you think "Are we really not giving these animals enough space to live and be happy?"
Great bear lake starts with Lusa, a black bear, finally meeting Toklo, a brown bear, after searching for him for a long time. These two bears and a brown bear named Ujarak make a final push to great bear lake so that they can have the experience of the longest day ceremony. Another main character is a polar bear named Kallik. She goes to Great Bear lake to find her brother Taqqiq. She finds him but not in the best circumstances. Kallik gets a fish but Taqqiq steals it from her. She finds out that its him and tries to get him back to his usual self and stop hanging out with his bad friends. Meanwhile, Toklo is trying to get the fish back to the lake by swimming to Pawprint Island and staying there for a night.He battles a bear that doesn't like him because of Tocklo's mother. Meanwhile, Lusa has made a new friend who has been taken by Taqqiq and his friends. To get him back, Kallik, Lusa and Tocklo need to team up to get him. They do this and this is how they start their adventure together.
This book has really started to capture me and kept me reading the series. In the first book, They weren't even with each other. When I read this, I finally got what the books were like. I also think that these books are just like the other series Erin Hunter made: Warriors. They're both about animals which is very interesting. They Both make me think about what animals think of us and our ways of life.

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