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Maid for the Billionaire by Ruth Cardello
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Feb 10, 2012

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Read in June, 2011

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Maid For The Billionaire had the basis of the same old story, but ended up containing quite an unexpected twist to it. Dominic is the ever-brooding, filthy rich man who has become lost trying to rise above the shadow of his father. Abby is the motherly type who has been taking care of her sister and her baby for a while now. Covering for her sister at work one day, Dominic shows up unexpectedly and quickly finds himself captivated by Abby. She is a breath of fresh air in his world. He quickly sweeps her off of her feet, but keeps their arrangement temporary. And despite the likelihood that their relationship will be fleeting at best, Abby falls hard.

Then Ms. Cardello throws us a curve ball when Abby ends up in a position that could easily make or break Dominic. Ultimately she handles the situation quite well considering her lack of knowledge about the dealings within Dominic’s world. But Dominic, the ever-suspicious billionaire who made his fortune by trusting no one is immediately suspicious of Abby. Was she planted in his life for this goal, merely putting on a façade of innocence, or was she really caught in an unexpected situation and acting in Dominic’s best interest? Unfortunately Dominic’s past and inability to trust may very well cost him the most valuable treasure he has ever known.

I found myself enjoying this story from the standpoint that Abby is just a good person that works her tail off and is due for some good luck. And Dominic, thinking he is the rescuer is actually being recued himself. I have a bit of a soft spot for the big, tough guys that are in need of saving; especially when their savior turns out to be a feisty woman who is strong enough to take him on. This story definitely fits that weakness.

What I struggled with was that the situation Abby finds herself in toward the end of the story is far-fetched. I just don’t see a situation like this playing out in real life. But hey, I have never entered the world of billionaire businessmen, so who knows. The situation ends up working out, as it must. I just think that I would have been able to buy into it a little better if the circumstances were more believable.

Overall, I felt my time spent reading Maid For The Billionaire was not wasted. While I disliked parts of the storyline, I did enjoy getting to know the characters. And I found myself curious enough about Dominic’s sister and her relationship with his business rival to want to read book two out of sheer curiosity. While I am not rushing out to read book two, I have added it to the TBR pile and will eventually get around to satisfying my curiosity.

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