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Rage Within by Jeyn Roberts
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I loved Dark Inside. It was so gritty and bloody and bold that I didn't even care that the writing was not particularly stellar or that the characters seemed familiar to me. I really enjoyed reading it and I had a hard time forcing myself to stop reading or to stop thinking about it long after I was done with it. Dark Inside was an engrossing and chilling book I was really sad to finish. So, when I first heard of a second book, I went crazy with glee and pretty much counted the months until its release. Sadly, this one fails to live up to the first one, or to even make it justice, and turned out to be one of my biggest disappointments of the year.

I was going through the reviews for Rage Within, and, apparently, I'm the only one that has found this installment truly awful, so I feel the need to explain myself.

I thought the writing was atrocious. The dialogues were painful and awkward and disjointed. The characters never developed and what attempts there were to make them grow felt forced and were really hard to believe. Actually, every part of this book was hard to believe. The deaths were unemotional and uninspiring and the romance was forced and awkward. We finished Dark Inside with Aries having feelings for Jack, yet we get back to this one with her loving Jack as a brother and being smack in the middle of a love triangle with Daniel and Mason. There was no chemistry to start, and there was just something really off about the whole thing, not to mention that these characters just went from friendship to loving each other in a few seconds. Clementine and Michael, though expected, were equally uncomfortable to read about. I also felt extremely uncomfortable with how easy the characters could take a minute to talk, to joke and to consider bursting out laughing regardless of the situation. A friend just died? Let's make a joke. In the middle of a war zone? Perfect time to chat. We are being hunted by murderers? Here, let me take a second to make a terrible but supposedly funny and charming comment, because now's probably the best time to do it. Someone is fighting for their lives? LOL! She's holding her gun wrong! As if that wasn't detestable enough, everyone in this book was constantly making stupid decisions just for the hell of it and somebody else always ended up paying for their mistakes, but that's okay. Here, let me make an unfunny joke now and let's never talk about this again. The secondary characters were pretty much useless and the new additions were annoying, flat and had no role at all in the story. The twists could be seen coming from a mile away and, more often than not, they were just plain silly.

I lost count of the many times I rolled my eyes while reading this book or on how many occasions I screamed my frustration at the book because of a horrible line or a stupid character. This book wasn't gripping or intense or engaging like the first one. In fact, I am currently considering moving Dark Inside from my top shelf because I really don't want this one up there. Rage within was such a huge disappointment, made worse by the fact that, up until the last 15% of the book I was actually still trying to convince myself that I could like it. I will probably read the next one in the hopes that it will be like Dark Inside, but this time I'm not allowing myself to set high expectations for it.
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cjbt57 i'm so over this book. It's dragging on forever. I've skipped to the last couple of chapters. I saw Daniel being a bagger from the beginning. Do we find out who the "nothing" is?

Rayne I know, right? The book unnecessarily drags, and for what? Daniel being a bagger, like you said, was pretty much evident from the first book so there was no need to make such a big deal out of it. This book was really disappointing for me.
Essentially, yeah. "Nothing" is sort of explained as a part of one of the characters, who I'm pretty sure you'll be able to immediately identify :)

cjbt57 My friend told me, but yeah, predictable. Ugh what a waste!

Alisha Jenkins 100% agree with all of this!!

Rayne Alisha wrote: "100% agree with all of this!!"


What a waste this book was, wasn't it? And now I have to live knowing that the third book got cancelled and this is the official ending to the series.

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