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The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins
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Feb 10, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: philosophy
Read in September, 2010

Although he may not care for the description, this latest book by Richard Dawkins is perhaps his “missing link” in his long series of books on the subject of evolution. It provides the concrete proof for the theory and shows that as much as we can say that gravity is true, we can say non-random natural selection through evolution is true.

There is a lament to begin and end the book which relates to surveys regarding how many people support the creationist statement of a 10,000 year old earth with dinosaurs living side by side with humans etc etc ad stupiditum. It is truly astounding how many people can still ignore the obvious facts of life, and how many things disprove the nonsense about an interfering creator. But this book is not the God Delusion redux, it settles in to a gentle amble through the history of evolution; the finding of fossils, the mistaken belief in “missing links”, atomic clocks and genetic mutation as progress along with a whole host of other aspects related to the subject presented to us so many years ago by Charles Darwin.

Perhaps his tenacity is a little off putting for some people, and the book may be too similar to its predecessors (something I can’t comment on having not read his whole ouvre), but it is now that this argument is being fought out in the schools and churches and media and parliaments of the world, so it is now that Darwin’s thought needs to be pushed forwards to counteract the overwhelming amount of people teaching and believing in known falsehoods. If we do not stop the idiocy of creationist ideology, for which read, mythology, then we will not stop the dark forces of this world halting our progress. Progress at scientific, ethical and humanist levels. This is an important and timely book and deserves wide readership.

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