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Born to Darkness by Suzanne Brockmann
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Feb 10, 2012

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3 stars

I was disappointed with this one. It seems like forever since Suzanne Brockmann published a book-and it definitely has the feel of Troubleshooters, with several plot lines, lots of action and bad guys defeated by SEALs. Only we're in the future and in a world where such a thing as mental integration is possible. Basically, using more than 20% of your brain is possible, and people who do, have awesome, individual powers. They're called Greater-Thans.

So, the story follows three couples, throughout an investigation of kidnapping. As I said, I thought that was a bit too much. Too many things going on, making it harder for me to believe the couples fell in love so easily. So, we have...

Shane and Mac

I like Shane a lot. We've already been introduced to him in the prequel. Now, we see him a year later, he's been black-listed, kicked out of the Navy, he's lost his fiancee and his whole life. Now, he's found a job at the IO facility, because he's a Potential(for a Greater-Than). Before that he meets Mac, who's a 50%(uses that much of her brain), a powerful empath. They have a powerful connection, but because of them working together, along with Mac's fear that it's her powers that influence him to believe he loves and wants him, she runs away. Again. And again. To be honest, Mac started to annoy me at some point and never stopped. She was constantly telling Shane he didn't love her, it's just an illusion, treating him like crap. Frankly, I have no idea what he saw in her. She started out strong and cool, but sadly, didn't end up that way.

Shane, on the other hand is great. He has that core of a Navy Seal, Troubleshooter. A hero, brave, determined, loyal, stubborn...

And then their resolving of problems...Didn't really come. There was a dangerous situation, they lived through it, and all was suddenly well. Hmmm, no. I didn't like the way their romance(if you can call it that) went, and I didn't believe their HEA. Every time they were together they were:

a) having sex
b) arguing, aka Mac was bitching and Shane was chasing her
c) fighting for their lives

I needed MORE to make me believe them

Elliot and Diaz

I like both guys, but you could've blinked and missed them falling in love. Or, they were already in love, but they just now saw it? Either way, there wasn't enough. Some sexual tension, a few conversations and VOILA, they were talking about getting married. If a side story is inserted, it needs to be more convincing. Maybe if it was just started here? Basically, it just took up page time, for a story without a major conflict, arc or a reason.

As I said, I like Elliot-the medic, and Diaz-a fifty, but I felt their story was redundant here, or it should've had MORE something.

Bach and Anna

All I can say is-Thank God this wasn't finished here. Because that would've been even harder to swallow. Bach and Anna are such intriguing characters. Bach is the head alpha of Greater-Thans, and Anna is a sister to the kidnapped girl, Nika. Bach has lost the only woman he has ever loved, Annie, and Anna has lived through some very tragic things. I liked seeing Bach struggling with himself, but slowly accepting the possibility of loving again. He's such a great guy. And Anna is great, too. Protective, cool, she's a fitting heroine. And Nika-awwwww. I liked the progression of their story. How it slowly slid from attraction into affection.

And I have to say I was completely surprised at the ending! Holy crap, what a way to end things. I hope their book is next, or that their story will be continued there. And while I'm happy their story didn't end here, they have such potential, but I'm sad they're at odds here, and I'm not sure about how quickly Anna made up her mind to believe the worst of him, after he did so much for her. I get she's protective, but benefit of the doubt? I think she'll have to do some apologizing when she sees the light (view spoiler)

A question-how come no one before registered power spiking? There are plenty Greater-Thans running around. Someone had to fall in love somewhere...

Also I was surprised we didn't hear more about the mission that ended Shane's career-what exactly happened to the witness later? How did his fiancee react? Broke up with him obviously, but... And no other SEAL?

I liked the action and the mystery and I did like the characters, mostly, so I enjoyed this book, but I expected more, and though it had a potential for that, because the beginning was great. Still, I'm looking forward to the installments.
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message 1: by Buggy (new)

Buggy Great review Mimi, Nice job breaking down each of the the couples too.

Mimi Smith Thanks! Yeah, too many storylines/plots happening here, so I felt it was the best way to handle the review. The book was soooo missing something.

Mimi Smith I did read it. I liked it, and it did give me a feel for the back story. But my main issue here wasn't that, it were the multiple plots, and how they weren't developed fully. I also wanted to know what happens immediately after 0.5? What about his fiancee? How did that conversation go? What about the woman he rescued? What happened?

Valerie I think that Mimi hit the nail right on the head. Too many storylines (should have stuck with only two). Got REAL tired of Mac's bitchiness, and lastly how could Ms. Brockmann go from having Anna in love with Joseph to barely able to tolerate him by the end of the book?

Caribou Reviews Good review. No one noticed the spike because of the no sex rule. Having mind readers that can rat you out while conducting research to notice such spikes probably makes it gard to read a spike while getting it on. xD Of course every book or movie has to have stupid elements for a plot to continue. Its unavoidable if we can solve everything as an outsider. If anything it makes things seem more human rather than realistic. Hindsight is a b in real life, too.

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