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As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott
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Feb 09, 2012

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Read in October, 2011

Setting: The story takes places in two planes or universes. It is happening today on our world in one of the planes and the other plan is bleak and controlled.

Characters: Ava is a girl who has lost her memory. She wakes up and doesn't remember anything. Jane is her mother who desperately wants her to remember their life together. Clementine is a nurse who tries to help Ava regain her memory. But something is definitely off with Clementine. Morgan is Ava boyfriend from the other plane who wants to bring Ava back to his world and his life. Other characters are Greer, Sophy, Olivia, and Ethan who are Ava' friends from this world.

Good Points: The author made you want to know what would happen to Ava and Morgan. I liked how it kept me reading.

Bad Points: The book is a bit strange. I found at times it was difficult to follow.

Plot Summary: Ava wakes up not knowing who she is. Jane is her mother and she tries to help Ava remember their life. Bits of memories come in glimpses but it of another place. People Ava sees on this world seem familiar in the other place. She meets a boy, Morgan, who says he wants to take her back to their other world. The conflict occurs with Ava trying to decide where she wants to be and whether or it not she really has the choice to choose her life. Clementine tries to control Ava and to send Morgan back to his world.

I liked the ending. It left you trying to figure out where Ava and Morgan were.

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