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My Bloody Life by Reymundo Sanchez
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Mar 14, 12

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My Bloody Life Book Review
The book, My Bloody Life:The Making of a Latin king, by Reymundo Sanchez, and it was published by Chicago Review Press. The title, My Bloody Life, it does for me that it tells me the book is going to be about someone’s terrible, awful life lived from childhood to adulthood. because in the title it says life which I believe means a whole life span, and bloody which I believe me terrible vents happen in the characters life. Well, the book’s book cover is someone mess up having a crown on, and right below the title it says, “ The Making of a Latin King.” Is very accurate to what the book is about which is about a boy living an awful life and basically being influence his whole life by the Latin kings. My opinion when I seen the title, the cover, the word “Latin king” it got me very excited to read this book because I had a feeling it was going to be a lot about survival and violence. Those are my favorite things to read in a book, so me excited to read this book, yes. This book is an autobiography by Reymundo Sanchez, and he did a pretty good job on telling his life story.
Two main characters that show up in the book, My Bloody Life, were Reymundo Sanchez and Morena. These two characters are very important in this book because Reymundo he is who the book is about describing his life from childhood, and Morena is also an important character because she was Reymundo’s best friend when he was in the gang, the only teen girl. Reymundo was a child who was treated so horrible ever since birth and he join a gang called the Latin kings. Morena was the older teen girl that was best friends with Reymundo when he was in the gang. The book, My Bloody Life, is basically about on an autobiography of Reymundo ever since he was little to his older age when he finally decided to leave the gang. It tells about some horrible accidents, horrible scenes that either happen to Reymundo, or Reymundo’s close friends being murder. Reymundo truly lived in my opinion an awful life.
One thing, that really caught my attention in the book, My Bloody Life, was when Reymundo being in a gang was something that cowards do. Reymundo did not wanted to become or continue being one of those cowards. The biggest quote that caught my eye, was when Reymundo says, "I expected the same treatment but didn't care. I refused to go on being known as a King. I no longer wanted to be a coward." This just showed that Reymundo finally matured and knows that being in a gang was something that cowards do. I was so proud of him.
I truly love this book because it is the cold truth of gang-life and the book gives a clear image of what being in a gang really is about. This book basically was written to help and inspire kids around our age that joining a gang is terrible, to stay away from gangs. This book can save the lives of so many people; I bet if kids would had read this book there will be less deaths in Chicago or anyway that was gang related . For instance, if a young teen kid read this book; I bet they will be like “dam gangs are awful I never want to be in one,” and they never do and will stay away from it. With that being said, this book has the opportunity to keep kids of the streets like gang relative, and more on the books studying for their future major. It will change the world to a better place, so check out the book I promise it will not disappoint.

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3.0% "so far from what i have read, the author, Reymundo Sanchez, a.k.a the main character. He has a really mest up/disturbing life. For example, on page 3 Alberto his cousin rape him. Pretty disturbing right." 1 comment

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Destiny Maldonado Yes. we get it :) The scenes were very CRAZY :)

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Miss Sweeney Hi Brian,

Nice job. In the future, watch your punctuation and make sure to divide the review into paragraphs (even though I know it's difficult with the goodreads formatting). Check Power School for your grade.

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