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Love Wins by Rob Bell
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Mar 04, 2012

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With all the criticism and controversy surrounding this book, I went into it expecting to hate it. And for the first couple chapters, I did. I was angry at Rob Bell for his questions, his flippant way of writing, and his radical questioning of traditional views of heaven and hell. To put it succinctly, I felt threatened.

About halfway through the book, though, something changed. I began to recognize that in my sweeping judgment of the book, I was missing out on some valid and even profound points he was making. And when I was able to read the second half with a less defensive approach, I was able to see and acknowledge bits of truth in what he was saying. Some of the criticisms he has for traditional Christianity are ones I've had too. And his descriptions about God and His vast, infinite love were refreshing.

Now, to be clear, I disagree with much of what he's written in Love Wins. I believe some of his interpretations of Scripture are weak, incorrect, and even dangerous in that he seriously misinterprets God's message to us. He also seems to pick and choose short Scripture passages to support his claims while failing to address or even acknowledge other passages that would contradict them. And my strongest criticism (and something I found particularly annoying and unprofessional) was a complete lack of citations in the book. This book should have had a LONG list of citations to back him up, especially considering the controversial nature of what he's writing.

However, at the end, I didn't hate the book. I'm glad I read it. It caused me to think and seriously consider my own beliefs about heaven and hell, but beyond that, it challenged me to see that my judgment about Rob Bell and Love Wins was coming mainly out of ignorance and fear. And for this, I'm grateful.

One last thing ... as I was reading this book, I stumbled across this review and found it particularly helpful in articulating some valid concerns with Love Wins:
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