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The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore
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Feb 09, 12

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John, Six, and Sam are now on the run from both the Mogadorians and the humans, who believe they are terrorists and have placed a reward on their heads. They spend their time training and healing after the battle in Paradise. After a few close calls with the Mogs and the police, John finally opens up his Chest and reads the letter from Henri. They learn that Sam's dad helped the Loric when they first got to Earth and it is assumed that the Mogs have kidnapped him. They believe that Sam's father may have a tracking device back in Paradise that will help lead them to the other Garde, so they return to Ohio. They get ambushed by Mogs and John's chest is stolen, and John and Sam get captured by the police when John attempts to see Sarah. Six eventually busts them out of prison and they decide to split up. John and Sam head to the Mogadorian base in West Virginia to retrieve the Chest, and Six heads for Spain to answer a distress call from one of the Garde. John and Sam make it into the base and finds John's Chest as well as one other, which belongs to Number Nine who has been held captive for over a year. John and Nine escape with their Chests, but Sam is left behind because he is busy searching for his father in the other cells.
Meanwhile, in Spain Six goes to the rescue of Number Seven named Marina, who has spent most of her time on Earth at an orphanage with her Cepan, Adelina. Adelina has long since lost faith in their mission and has not prepared or trained Marina in any way. Marina has developed several legacies, including the ability to breathe underwater, see in the dark, and heal the sick or injured. The Mogadorians have found her and battle ensues, during which Adelina dies. Marina is helped by Six as well as Number Ten and her Cepan, who unknowingly came on a second ship to Earth. They defeat the Mogs and now plan on finding the remaining members of the Garde before meeting back up with John and Sam.
This was an excellent followup to I Am Number Four. It was exciting to learn about more members of the Garde, even though we really only got to know Number Seven in depth. However, we now have five members of the remaining Garde accounted for, which leaves Numbers Five and Eight mysteries to us. I'm excited to learn more about Nine and Ten and I'm hoping they track down the remaining Garde and save Sam as well.


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