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Destiny's Fire by Trisha Wolfe
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Feb 12, 2012

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Recommended for: People who aren't bothered by love triangles of the Bella-Jacob-Edward kind
Read from February 09 to 10, 2012

Uuuugh, why? Please tell me why? Why would one ruin a gripping and fast-paced story, set in an imaginative and unique world with a stupid, painful and utterly unnecessary love triangle?!? God, I'm so mad. I really thought I was going to love this, because at first the story seemed so promising but no, of course there has to be a love triangle (and one of the worst kind) to rain on my parade. As soon as it was clear that there would be a LT everything went as expected. This story line is so old it has grown a beard! And that ending really finished me off. Ridiculous, I tell you. I guess my problem is that I've read too many books like this one in my time and I just don't have any patience left for this kind of - excuse me - shit. That's why I loved Night School so much. That woman actually managed to surprise me. But surprises here? Oh no. Don't expect any. Everything will play out exactly how you think it will. Now I need to get a few more things off my chest but it's gonna get a bit spoilery so be warned.

(view spoiler) how should I rate this? I have no idea. I liked it but the romance part bothered me so, so much that I can't bring myself to give this more than 3 stars. And I'm being generous here.
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24.0% "OMG this is SO awesome! Yay! :-D" 14 comments
35.0% "Uuugh! I feel like I'm about to watch two trains collide and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it!! And I'm afraid that I'm on the wrong "team" :-( (Yes, of course there is a love triangle) Hmpf. Ok, enough with the posting. Need to continue reading now!"
43.0% "Nooooooo!!! :-("
67.0% "This would be so much more fun without this stupid and painful love triangle!! I'm not very fond of Dez right now >8( She's being the typical selfish bitch and everybody tells her it's ok. No, it's really not. Ugh, I'm so angry but that's just because a) I hate these kind of love triangles b) I'd totally love this story if not for this stupid boy drama and c) I'm in a foul mood anyway ;-) Ok, rant over."
100.0% "Yeah...right. o_O"

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Shirley Wow, MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!! *hi 5!*
I love your status update! Its pretty much wht I thought as I read on! When I was first introduced to the world,I was like HELL YEAH! THIS IS SOOO AMAZING AND ORIGINAL! I'm gona LOVE THIS! ( and I mean, it WAS original- what with the Egyptian guards or something). But then Reese appears...and I found it alright..until within a few days they're kissing and Jace is getting all protective. Which is ALL FINE, until that freaken misunderstanding! Seriously, she's such a SELFISH BITCH! Leading Jace on and everything.....ohh and you know how she never even realized he liked her? bullshit! I swear, there was this part where she considered if he did like her or not! And I totally agree with your spoiler part! It was SO obvious tht he eventually fell for her & wouldn't continue th original plan....yes it would've been more original if he ended up being the bad guy! But NO! this just went down the typical, YA-love-triangle path! GRRRRRRR! I actually would've given this like 2 stars, but I was feeling nice...and the mythology was great!
Eeeee! I have Night School on my shelf! Cnt wait to read it:DD

Jessica Yup, exactly how I felt about it :-) Such a disappointment... :-( Now go read Night School :-D

message 4: by Maru (new) - added it

Maru Ughh, I wanted to read this but if it has a love triangle then I won't. I just have no patience for them anymore, I'm tired of reading love triangles ruining books and characters. It's a shame because I was looking forward to this book but I decided a while back that I just won't read books with love triangles anymore. Nice review by the way. :)

message 3: by Clee (new)

Clee Please ... really? Damn. After I have read "Unveiled" I was so excited about this book but there is no way I'm gonna like such a love triangle. -.-

message 2: by Bodea (new) - added it

Bodea Yes, it was all going so very well until the triangle appeared.

Jessica Yup :-/

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