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Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson
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Feb 17, 12

I thought I would try a James Patterson (extremely popular novelist, has published a hundred books it seems, they make movies out of them).

I have only one word to sum up the first 86 pages: drivel.

Each chapter is approximately three pages. The tone is too casual for my taste, the word choices as if he's speaking to kindergarteners, the timing choppy -- no depth to explore his characters, subjects, or plot. Why should I care enough to continue reading if he doesn't care enough to give me any details?

I really am shocked by his lack of skill -- how is it he has become so successful?

He ends each chapter with a juvenile, overly-dramatic, "cliff hanger" statement. He begins each chapter with a ham-handed, portentious line designed to tease. Does he ever deliver? Will I still care by the time he does? (Thought I would throw in some annoying questions, posed to readers to illustrate internal thinking processes, as he does.)

This lack of finesse is puzzling, but content mistakes completely destroy the relationship between reader and writer. He should research more about Islamic social behavior. I find it hard to believe a Muslim man and Muslim woman would shake hands upon meeting...

Perhaps I'm just not in the mood for a book written for people who hate reading or can barely read. Obviously, there's a place for this in the world.

Update: I made myself finish the entire book, to be fair. I can now upgrade it to just under "mediocre."

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