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Once Upon a Secret by Mimi Alford
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Feb 13, 2012

really liked it
Read from February 08 to 13, 2012

Delish....seems credible. Saw her interview with Meredith Veiera. And had to download it right away. What is it with this fascination with jack Kennedy?

Extremely quick read...did it on a snowy afternoon / evening... Our first real snow of the season if you can believe it!
The book definitely filled in the cracks from the Brian Williams / Meredith Veiera interview.....but was not as deep as I thought and certainly not written in a salacious or tabloid - like way. Members of the media say that she seems credible but that it is not possible to corroborate her story to know for certain. Anyone who reads this book can tell that Mimi Alford is for real and the story she tells is a very real and painful one. Her hole life has been affected by the decisions she made and continued to make for those 18 months back in 1962-1963. There most certainly are records available....white house records, plane manifests from Air Force One....character from the book that are still alive....just find and ask Fiddle and Faddle for starters. Old college dorm mates at Wheaton? And I bet the CIA has a boatload of records on her and anyone else that ever came into contact with JFK. I bet Dave Powers even has a diary or memoir papers somewhere hidden by his family after his death.

I agree with another review I just read on Goodreads....if you didn't know that Mimi Alford was 68 years'd think she was still that 19 year old girl. The President stole her innocence and the early years of her life. It seems that everyone grows up fast these days.....but never in a million years would I have imagined that a 45 year old president would have been able to pull that off with a 19 year old intern and for so long. I mean a Monica Lewinsky blowjob under the oval office desk is one thing....but NO way could Bill Clinton have pulled that off in the 90s.

As a matter of personal opinion...I know we should elect our leaders based on how they they manage people and handle situations.....their credentials, previous and current experience, etc.....but to me....having morals and values that respect people and cause you to act in a way that honors others and yourself should guide you to do the right thing.......always. I'm no goodie goodie and none of us are without our shortcomings.....but it's not acceptable to me to act one way in my personal life and completely different in my work or public life. We are all works in progress. I know I am. We know JFK , Bill Clinton and countless others have been known ( and even celebrated to some point ) for their philandering. How is that ok? We need to expect more of people. And we need to expect more from ourselves.

As an aside.....what do you think Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg thinks of Mimi Alford and her book? That's the question JFK couldve been asking himself all along with this and every affair.
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Cyndee Gero-moore Amy, I wonder so often if he had lived if people would be this fascinated with him. I think because he died so young, so suddenly, we never did see him reach his full potential. Just started reading...but is a good book so far!!

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