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Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr
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May 22, 14

Read from February 08 to 09, 2012

In a Nutshell: Leslie, who is one of Aislinn's friends - ends up in a love triangle between fairies yummy Niall and Irial - the king of the Dark Court. She and Irial are bonded through a tattoo she gets - which is actually one of his special 'markings' and he plans on using her to feed upon her emotions for both him and his court. But he falls in love with her, as does Niall - who is assigned to be her unseen bodyguard. Stuff happens.

For me, I found this book to be more like a stand-alone companion book as opposed to an actual sequel to Wicked Lovely. This is probably because I felt the story was wrapped up by the end and I didn't really see how this was going to further contribute to the overall arc of this series. But I've only read two of these books so far, and so I will pend my judgment until I've read the whole damn thing.

You know, I was actually kind of glad that the recurring characters like Aislinn, Seth and Keenan were pushed back to the sidelines because it made me realize how really dry, dull and boring Aislinn really is a protagonist - even if she isn't as horrifically annoying as some of the others. Leslie, while she had the bad background and her mental/physical barriers (view spoiler) and it was pretty understandable - she wasn't really an interesting character and I found it hard to believe she was really good friend with Ash but maybe they were united by their blandness?

There was a lot of TELLING us what characters are feeling and constantly drumming it in our heads (as shown with Niall, unofrutnately) which got pretty annoying.

I just wanted to know: why did nothing happen in this book? Sorry, I meant something of relative interest to me. All it seem to be was Irial going on about getting humans for his Dark Court fey and other faeries threatening war since Beira was easily vanquished in Wicked Lovely. Leslie wanting to get a tattoo and moping and stuff and this tattoo = her getting connected with Irial somehow and Niall going on about how he wants to be near Leslie/how she isn't like the other girl he's tasted/had before/fighting against temptation.

While I liked Niall who was a relatively flawed and likable character; and I did enjoy reading the interaction between him and Leslie - their 'romance' did not hold up the same way that Ash/Seth did in Wicked Lovely. Probably because like all of the romances in this book, it wasn't built upon anything but mutual attraction and nothing else. BUT ZOMG HOW ADORABLE IS HE?

"If you want me in your life, I'll be here. As long as you want. Remember that. It'll be OK. I'll stay with you, and we'll be fine. No matter what else happens or what you learn, remember that." - pg. 174

Seriously . What is it with these books having at least one unrealistically romantic and swoonworthy romantic interest - regardless that they seem to just be a prop of wish-fulfilment? ? Unrealistic? Hell yeah they're unrealistic but dear God, don't I want a gorgeous and romantic fictional lead to sweep me off my feet! And I ain't talking about people like Jace from TMI or Noah from the Notebook. Pah! Nothing will ever compete with: "Stay alive, now matter what occurs! I will find you. No matter how long or how far - I will find you." And Daniel-Day Lewis.

Overall, this was a pretty underwhelming read, which kind of disappointed - because I actually did enjoy reading Wicked Lovely. But in all honesty, now that I am reflecting back on it - Wicked Lovely wasn't as great nor as exciting as I wanted it to be. The whole atmosphere and level of tension towards their conflict was pretty low-key and very quiet, if that is the most suitable way to name it. I felt like there was meant to be this really slow burning build up or tension towards a possible turmoil/war against the faerie courts but... it didn't really enthrall in the least.

Recommended: only if you actually like Wicked Lovely and want to read every book of the series, fan of faeries and love triangles
Rating: 1.5/5

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