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Miss Julia Takes Over by Ann B. Ross
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Feb 08, 12

Read in February, 2012

I got this book from my sister Irene's club library. It has been sitting in my car for over two months and finally I started to read it and took two days doing so.

The beginning of the book was not very good and I thought a could of times that I did not have to finish it, but so far, I have not been able to do that except with "The Shack", the only book I decided I could not finish reading in my life... at least that I can recall...

it takes place in the south and our heroine is a well to do woman of a certain age with old south proper manners and morals. A bit outdated in her rigid ideas, she still comes through for the people she loves, and finds a way to make it all happen her way.

this is a series of books, and I stumbled upon one of them, though not the first, one must not have the need to read them all from book one, since some things are explained with enough detail, but not in a boring manner. As it happens, this lady's husband has a long affair with a younger woman, and has an illegitimate child. When he dies of a heart attack, she find out about it and in her own caring ways, she rescues and adopts both the mother and the child and invites them to live with her, which they do.

This book is about NASCAR and her sequestered niece and all the things she must do to ensure her safe return while hanging to the child so he will not be taken away by a "Snatch and Grab" police order.

It is a fun read and endearing with warm and funny characters and some quippy conversation.

My favorite Quote: "I declare, with a strong arm around me and that warm hand holding mine, I could've melted away right then and there. it was all I could do not to lean on his shoulder and enjoy, just for a minute, the feeling of being cared for even though I knew he was just being his usual womanizing self. But before I could stop it, while he stood there so close, smiling the warm smile, a vast feeling of loss and loneliness and, maybe bereavement flooded my soul. If I'd met someone like him when I'd been of an age to take action, what would my life had been like? What would it've been like to have someone with dancing eyes catch mine from across a room? What had I missed by not falling in love with a man who smiled and teased and was generous with hugs and touches? To say nothing of one with and overendowment of maleness?" (pg 254)

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