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Matched by Ally Condie
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Aug 11, 12

What bothered me the most about this book was the unlikelihood of this kind of society existing. At least with The Giver, their natural human emotions and urges were biologically suppressed. Therefore, you understand why no one fights back--because no one knows how to and that they can. With this Society, humans keep their innate traits--love, envy, general wants. So how is it plausible that perfectly-functioning human beings willingly gave up ALL of that and for what? Knowing that they can live to be an 80-year-old life free of disease? That's what I got from the novel. This society doesn't work because it leaves the people with their human nature, which will of course lead to conflict, but there is no conflict.

In the novel, Cassia says that the Society was formed from free will of the people. From what I know about society in general, PEOPLE ARE NOT THAT STUPID! If a guy walks up to you and says "We are going to form a society where you have no rights, and you know it, but you get to live a bland, controlled life until your 80", you're most likely not to say "Yeah! I'm down with that!"

Having an implausible setting automatically make the story very unbelievable. In short, I lost some hope in the novel before getting very far.

I don't like most teenage and YA books because they are so predictable. Matched is no exception. The main characters are such cliches!! The pretty smart-but-dumb girl. The generic good childhood friend guy who just wants the girl but can't. The mysterious, brooding dark-haired guy with the charming smile (insert swoon here). The younger, not-as-wise (although most of these people aren't all that wise themselves) brother who doesn't understand the world yet.

The plot itself is been-there-done-that. You're not going to be on the edge of your seat, gripping the book with the jaws of life until the end.

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