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Four D by Gregory Morrison
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Feb 08, 2012

This review was written by me and is the one I wrote and posted at LibraryThing:
Unusual. Unusual. Unusual. There are four stories that are vaguely inter-connecting in this fine, slim book. In the first story, it was his references to his mother that I found I'd like to have read more about. My significant other & I talked quite a bit about this story, and the ppl "who are late". Some are late rarely, and perhaps due to traffic or some other of normal reasons. Then there are the continually late ones. Are these ppl just in a 'world-of-their-own" and not cognizant of this, or are they ppl who are considerably selfish. And many other concepts were brought up and spoken about as we discussed this aspect of 'living'. There is plenty more in this first story, in fact there are a "VAST" amount of other ideas to think about.
The second story is about ones' choices. We must all make them. I definitely agree with the ideas of dreams and 'waking-up' with taking a good handle on does this mean opening ALL the doors as the main character did?
Third: change "IS". It is most definitely MORE a part of life than some would prefer. Reality "IS" change. Change is number it, make friends with it. It is amazing how many ppl will tell you that they do NOT like change, yet it is a 'constant' in all our lives, days, and environments.
I am leaving the fourth story for you to ponder. I recommend this book for all who like a conundrum-of-a-puzzle which is rather mysterious, in its' way. Yes, this is a unique, unique, a most unique book. You WILL be surprised, that I do believe.
This book was a gift from and through LibraryThing's "Member Giveway".
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