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13 Curses by Michelle Harrison
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Feb 08, 2012

it was amazing

This book is by Michelle Harrison and is called 13 Curses.I've read it by the dates of Dec.2011-Jan.2012. The book is about a young girl named Rowan.Her parents died in a car wreck and she has to go to a children home/orphanage and her brother gets kidnapped by fairies.She goes to the Fairy Realm and meets a man named Warwick that helps her get to the Fairy Court.But when they get there, the fairy king and queen give her a task to find the 13 charms that was on a bracelet.When she gets out of the Fairy Realm she asks two friends for their help.They keep Rowan a secret. The fairies keep Warwick as a prisoner untill Rowan comes back with all the charms.On the way of finding the 13 treasures, they become 13 curses.They find new adventures and secrets behind the bracelet.The main character
is Rowan(which also means a berry that protects you from a fairy).The supporting characters are Fabian,Tanya,Warwick,Nell,and Florence.The settings in the book are the Fairy Realm,Elvesden Manor,Fairy Court,and England.The point of view is third person.This book was AMAZING and I would like to reccomend it to Fantasy Freaks like me!

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