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Trying to Score by Toni Aleo
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Feb 08, 2012

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Secrets, Lies and Betrayals....and that's just the first hundred pages.

In TRYING TO SCORE by Toni Aleo, we meet single mother, Fallon Parker, who is trying to take the Family Wine Business to the next level, by having wine sold at the Hockey Arena. Unfortunately for her, she has come face to face with the new player for the Nashville Assassins, Lucas Brooks, the man who "broke her" eight years ago, and she hasn't seen since.

Lucas Brooks is finally fully recovered from his addictions and he is ready to make a new start with the Assassins. When he sees Fallon Parker again, he knows this is the second chance that he has been waiting for, and he does ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to try and get her back in his life, if only she would let him within five feet of her.

TRYING TO SCORE was a more enjoyable read than TAKING SHOTS, at least for me. I love a good "secret baby" story and the fact that he did the unthinkable while they were dating, well...that just made it all the better. I will say that there was a few scenes that could have been removed to make the book shorter, and it still would have been great. Some things can be said without reiterating it again and again, so I could have done with a little less of the same thing.

Aside from wanting to smack Lucas when he first meets Fallon...and I think you will all agree he needed a slap across his face for that dirty mouth...I did begin to like him as I kept reading and I think I may have even fallen for him by the end. He became a real man, one that would take care of his family, even Audrey. I think I might have liked him a little more if he wouldn't have had such a dirty mouth in the beginning. I mean if you are trying to win back a lady because she was the love of your life, I don't think I'd be talking about sexual positions.

As for her parents and his mother...I didn't really like any of them as secondary characters, and when it comes to Aiden's birthday party and Lucas' mother has a "talk" with Fallon...I think I'd of knocked her out for what she said. It was a bit much and it really made me not like her as a secondary character. Fallon's father was just an asshole, but we expect that since we learn about him in the beginning of the book. And Lucas' best friend, Levi, what a DOUCHE....excuse my french, but really...there is NO OTHER WORD to describe him, but douche. As for Audrey, I really liked her and I hope that she finds her HEA in EMPTY NET. I liked that Audrey told Fallon when she was being a complete Bitch and that she should let go of the past and see Lucas for who he is now.

As I said, I did enjoy reading this second-chance romance, and I was hoping that the two of them out end up together. I would definitely recommend you give this author a chance and pick up both of the books in this series, but if you have to buy one, go for TRYING TO will be happy you picked it up.
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