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Forever and a Day by Delilah Marvelle
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Feb 08, 12

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Read in January, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I wavered between two and three stars on this book, but I think it does deserve a solid 3, on reflection. I liked both *halves* of the book-- my biggest complaint is the lack of a middle.

The historical background is first-rate-- I loved the setting, and the tip of the brim to historical figures of the day who show up in cameos, and the book quotations that headed every chapter.

I loved the characters individually-- Georgia's an amazing woman, and Robinson/Roderick is a man with depth in both of his personalities. The supporting cast is strong-- the duke, particularly, was a surprisingly sympathetic character (I loved the scene when he got drunk with Georgia).

But (you knew there was a "but" coming)... the three parts of the book don't really hang together for me. Part One in New York was a good beginning, although I would have liked a little more investigation into Robinson's past and exactly why he was accosting Georgia in the street to begin with (I never DID get clear on that-- just because he liked her looks? I was beginning to think she would turn out to be a long-lost heir, herself). The back cover describes Georgia as "the young yead of New York's notorious Forty Thieves", but that turns out to be a GROSS misnomer... she's got some association with them because of her dead husband. (I would have liked to see more of that in the book, too.) Instead, we get this rushed section ending (actually, my bad-- in Part Two) of having the duke just show up in the street and cart Robinson off. It felt... anticlimactic.

Part Two had some great stuff in it-- Robinson's past as Roderick uncovered, the reason behind his name, the history of his family; Georgia's determination to win him back. But it felt sort of fractured, and then it just... stopped. Granted, seeing Georgia transform into a proper lady might have seemed a bit A-Team, but leaving it out made me feel like I'd missed a major portion of the book. And while Roderick's relationship with his mother and the search for her missing map was moving, it sort of proved to be a non-starter... the reunion with the long-lost uncle got sort of tossed in at the bitter end. Part Three felt sort of hastily slapped on, rather than an integral part of the book. (The kids, tho, are a delight-- particularly the bit about the elephant.)

Not a bad read, overall, but decidedly not one of her best.

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