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Because of Low by Abbi Glines
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Feb 08, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: romance-contemporary, young-adult, loved-it
Read in February, 2012

OK, i HAVE to write this review before i lose ALL coherent thought... First up, Marcus...can someone say hit me? Because i seriously fell for this guy from the FIRST page. No, i did NOT read Breathe, but i'm sure if i had, i would have DIED waiting for this book to come out! Marcus is cool, he's sweet, he's sexy... HOT DAMN! And Willow...what can i say, when i first met her, i didn't really like her. Why? Because of her relationship with Cage, but as i read further, i understood where she was coming from, she had been hurt and she was afraid. Now oh man, did i hate his whoring guts from the first page, BUT amazingly, Ms. Glines redeemed him so well, so much so that i hope she writes a book about Cage; i would LOVE to see the type of girl that he falls for and that will take him on.

Now back to Marcus...did you seriously think that i would stop talking about him?! How much do i love him? [Well if you've read Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and you were one of the million people that fell hard for Travis (unfortunately i hated his guts...thought he was a nancy-boy), the way you felt for Travis is the way i feel for Marcus.] I am seriously OBSESSING over him...

So now that you all know that Marcus is mine, i can pick myself up from the crumpled mess that i became while reading Because of Low, crawl into a hole and dream about Marcus (which would make me a cougar...ROAR!!!).

A awesome 5 star read; if i could have given it 100 stars i would have! SO, SO, SO happy that i bought this book! Congratulations, Ms. Glines, for a writing such a beautiful story AND for turning me into a HOT MESS for Marcus Hardy! LOL! :)
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10.0% "Oh God... i've only finished the first chapter and i'm ALREADY in love with Marcus... i'm so scared to continue this book... i swear all these YA books are driving me nuts..."
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Johanna Just from reading your review I'm going to have to read this!....

message 2: by Say (new) - added it

Say i'm really waiting for this book, i've read breathe and didn't like it (sorry! have to be honest) but what i liked about breathe for me to finish it....yup MARCUS!!! so eventhough i havent read this i know how you feel!

Gitte TotallyBookedBlog You know I love you Sheryl babe...but Marcus is MINE!!! ;0) xxx

Melissa Haha I love ur review :))

Sheryl Ohhh looks like were gonna have a throwdown Gitte...

Sheryl Thanks Mel... i was OBSESSED i tell 'ya after reading this book. BEST $3 i ever spent on a book!!

Melissa U got it so bad uh ;) i'm reading breathe right now, the first one. It is ok but I'm missing smth. It just goes too fast :/ I'm not into the story yet and it is already 'I love you, you are the air that I breathe blabla'.... But because of ur review I have high expectations for because of low ;)

Sheryl i'll be honest, i did not read breathe... because i WASN't interested in the story line, but a lot of people have said that Because of Low was better than Breathe!!

Melissa Well so far my advice would be to pick up another book instead of breathe... There are definitely better books out there.

Sheryl hehe, good to know... i def won't pick it up...

Johanna OK Sheryl and Gitte, better make that a 3 way fight because I will throwdown for Marcus. ;)

Sheryl woo hoo bring it ON!!!

Johanna You got it.....LMAO! xox

Melissa Damn have to read breathe faster so I can start because of low and join the chick fight :p

Johanna Lmao...Melissa, we can always take on one more ;)
I went straight to Because of Low. Like Sheryl said didn't interest me.

Sheryl haha chick fight... LOVE IT!! what is it with these fictional guys??? stop being so yummy!!! :)

Johanna Sheryl, have you gone mad??? They are finger lickin' good

Gitte TotallyBookedBlog You're on hahahaha

Sheryl ok...i got some mud and some chocolate, take your pick ladies and then we can get in the ring :) or into an inflatable swimming pool...LOL!!

Gitte TotallyBookedBlog HA!!! LOL!!!!

Johanna LOL!!! Either is fine with me...

Melissa I'm crying like a baby here!!

Sheryl why are you crying like a baby Mel?

Melissa Because of the damn book ofcourse! Broken low, broken Marcus...

Butterfly Will I cry if I read it too?
I've thought about reading the first book, but really I just finished Finding Home I don't think I'm in the mood for another emotional book.

Melissa First book isn't that good IMO
I liked this better :)

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