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Delirium by Lauren Oliver
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Jan 17, 2013

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Read from February 24 to 25, 2012

Oh! Gosh how can I explain this? Well the book isn't Horrible, but it isn't the best read. The book did not get interesting until more than half of the book was read. I only didn't give up cause I just knew deep down it would end really good! I was hoping for that really, really hard... Well the last 80 or so pages were good. Makes me wonder why I didn't skip through it like I had thought to. The ending pissed me off! Now as I said before its not a horrible book just boring in the beginning an this world, this world were love is forbidden confused me cant quite put it into words except that it was too unbelievable for me however the book is over and since I hate starting something and not finishing it, making it all the way to the end e.i completely this book. Ms. Oliver was very successful and has roped me in. I need to get the second installment I need to know what happens maybe the second book will redeem this one I don't really know but I can't just NOT finish the series kind of an OCD thing of mine. So I'll rope someone into buying it for me or perhaps I will finally get myself a library card in my new city and rent it out. Who knows! Will I recommend this novel that's a BIG IDK!
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Reading Progress

02/23/2012 page 35
02/24/2012 page 64
15.0% "This seems as though it could be an interesting novel but nothing has really happened. Which sucks when the reader(me) is at work needing to stay awake. In other words it's a boring start. Or I could just be exhausted..."
02/24/2012 page 117
27.0% "Ahh! Still nothing exciting. But I'm continuing to read hoping that soon it will pick up. It's clear this won't be my normal book in a day but I refuse to give up on it."
02/25/2012 page 164
37.0% "I'm pushing on because I don't like to give up and I just have this inkling that it will get better."
02/25/2012 page 211
48.0% "I'm pressing on but Dear God can something remotely interesting happen?" 4 comments
02/25/2012 page 232
53.0% "A raid, a blanket soaked in animal urine, a cut on a leg and a kiss; took all this time 1/2 a book I forced myself through and this is what happens. I feel the rest of the book my be rushed now because the 1st half was a bore that now all the action resistance, falling in love, and heartbreak will be smushed into it somehow. Honestly I hope so ( I hope thats nit a bad thing to say)"
02/25/2012 page 337
76.0% "OKAY! Now the story gets better Thank GOD!"

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April I've read about 150 pgs and I'm ready to call it quits. I'm. So. Bored.

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