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The Sensitive's Circle, Finding Balance & Creating Hope by Michael Sortomme
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Feb 07, 2012

(Review from the author)
it was amazing
Read in September, 2011

If you’re a Sensitive (and you’ll find out on Page 1, if you have a doubt), you need this book. Michael Sortomme has condensed her considerable talents, wisdom, and delicious anecdotes into readable and, most importantly, executable solutions, regardless of where you find yourself on your Path. With the glorious and challenging energies affecting the planet (and entire Physical Plane) at this time and in the days to come, please allow yourself this additional and unusual tool; it will assist you in navigating the Now and moving forward into magnificence with Ease and Grace.
Linda Goodspeed Dodds, "Anticipating 2012", Founder of The Quantum Possibility
Michael Sortomme takes a brave step forward into a world where angels fear to tread with her newest leap into the literary field. She not only takes many sacred cows to task, but ultimately puts them out to pasture in this painfully honest and personally revealing guidebook for empathic people in modern society. While effectively giving the sensitive empath a gentle push, encouraging them to work through and beyond their inner pain and open to their natural, God-given gifts, she also establishes concerted boundaries and guidelines for productive energy use and self-protection. Suggestions and instruction rarely offered to those of an empathic nature are explored at length, such as learning how to not collapse into the fears and maladies of the world and the people in it. It is high time that someone broke through the glass ceiling and addressed the very real and sacred issues that are too often carefully avoided by professionals who teach sensitives how to use their energy productively. Michael Sortomme takes on that task with great enthusiasm and tremendous wisdom.
This book offers a wealth of coping skills for the modern sensitive, including extensive chakra exploration and instruction, excellent exercises for releasing and healing, as well as practical tutelage in subjects such as “The Taboo System” and the concept of “The Spirit Bargain.” While certainly many of the issues Ms. Sortomme addresses in this book are not unique, her approach to managing them is most assuredly new and innovative. Many years of working as an oracle and sensitive have well prepared her to speak intelligently to the specific issues many empaths face and she does so with great aplomb. Although many view the “sensitive” as being easily wounded and gullible, the lesson you will find here is, “Empathic work: It ain’t for sissies.”
Katrina Rasbold, Journalist, Life Coach, Oracle & Energyworker, Founder of Diva Digest
At last there is a book that speaks to the sensitives among us. This is a book that describes
sensitives superbly and talks about what it is like to experience life as a hypersensitive person,
someone who is profoundly affected by all events on our planet. The book also tells us how
to cope sanely in the insane world we now live in. The techniques in this book are all extremely
effective; I know, as I've used all of them to great benefit. This book has helped me to stay centered
in my struggle to stave off despair at the chaos of our present world. I strongly urge anyone who is
sensitive to read this book, as there is something in it that will help everyone.
Ariel Monserrat, M.A., Jungian Psychotherapist, Publisher/Editor/Writer—Green Egg Journal, Radio Personality—“Over to Oberon and Ariel”
The Sensitive's Circle aims to aid its readers in finding a balance and harmony between their physical and metaphysical selves. It achieves this goal not by separating the two aspects, but by showing their inexplicable connectedness. Sensitive's Circle is packed with thoughtful exercises and rituals that can be employed by anyone to achieve harmony and balance, though the book focuses on those of us who are extra sensitive to our environments, both physically and spiritually. Written in a clear and honest style with the author's personal experiences peppered throughout, this book is easy to understand and its suggestions can be started as soon as they are presented. The reader won't be able to ignore the undercurrents of Love, Hope and Joy conveyed in this inspiring book.
Michele James-Parham, Traditional Midwife, Natural Attachment Midwifery
I am loving the book! It is a great call; well done!
Shajen Joy Aziz, Co-Author/Co-Creator of Discover The Gift

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